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WELCOME TO THE Oyster Pointer!


Here’s important news for you, our readers!

The Oyster Pointer’s Area Business Directory is a great way for all local businesses to become a part of the “Who’s Who” of Oyster Point. This directory, which appears monthly in the centerfold of each issue, offers a categorical listing of successful local businesses.

Get to the Point! The Oyster Pointer! Give your customers and clients a winning opportunity to be seen in the award-winning newspaper read monthly by more than 30,000 readers.

For only $325.00 annually, the Oyster Pointer’s Area Business Directory will offer you the following benefits:

Each listing will include the name and nature of your business, address, phone and fax numbers, principal officers, and when available, e-mail and web addresses. Your listing will provide fellow businesses and readers with the perfect opportunity to get to know you while helping them do business with you.

Have a look at what your listing is going to look like…

Time to act NOW: click here to download the listing form as a PDF. You can fill out the form on your computer and email it to us, or print it out and fill it in if you prefer mailing. Upon completion, you will be invoiced for the annual listing. Upon receipt of your check, payable to Oyster Pointer, your annual listing will begin appearing each month for a full year in the Oyster Pointer’s Area Business Directory.

In addition to the Directory, other opportunities await your involvement in the Oyster Pointer!

Tell us what you want to see and learn here. How can we help you learn more about the Oyster Point area? 
 Also, the Oyster Pointer maintains a label list of the more than 900 businesses in Oyster Point, with contact names and titles for most businesses. This list is available at $150 a set—a great way to target your mailings. Send us an email if you would like more information.

Your comments are invited and always welcomed. Send us an email if you are happy with the Oyster Pointer or if you want to suggest ways to improve our monthly paper.

Click here if you would like a list of all the locations where you can pick up a copy of the Oyster Pointer for free!

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Sylvia Weinstein, Editor