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When the Oyster Pointer was born 25 years ago, in autumn of 1987, the area known as Oyster Point of Newport News was just beginning to take shape.

The first Oyster Pointer, a modest four-page newsletter, reported that the Oyster Point Business Association gathered signatures petitioning City Council for additional traffic signals in Oyster Point. While it's difficult to picture now, at that time there were no signals at all at Thimble Shoals and J. Clyde Morris boulevards or at the Jefferson/Pilot House and Jefferson/Middle Ground intersections.

A small item on page three alerted readers to the mysterious-looking earthen mounds that peppered the undeveloped land in Oyster Point. These were actually munitions storage facilities for the City during World War II and some were actually incorporated into building designs.

The legacy of the Oyster Pointer is its coverage of the people and places that have sustained Oyster Point and ultimately made it the center of business in Newport News. Our first cover story featured Joe Lieberman of Peninsula Data Service Center—still operating today, though greatly expanded from its early beginnings. Also featured in our first issue was a new manufacturing facility just arriving from Japan—Canon Virginia, Inc. Throughout almost three decades Canon Virginia has become as well known for its unique team-driven management style as its magical gauntlet of cherry trees that blossom on Canon Boulevard each spring—its treasured gift to all of us. And, another feature was about a favorite of many of us—The Lunch Bell, our "home away from home" eatery that today continues to delight us with specialties. The Oyster Pointer is proud to feature these long-standing "friends" in this issue as we begin to celebrate a year-long birthday!

Changes in the Oyster Point landscape and changes in the Oyster Pointer! Even as everything around us was in constant flux, Oyster Pointer's mission remained the same—to acquaint and promote the faces and places that make Oyster Point the Peninsula's premier business park. Many of the businesses we feature are still the same. But many new faces have joined our neighborhood—Oyster Point and Port Warwick—to help grow this prestigious place we work.

We have always been about providing good news, fun stories about intriguing people and news about our neighborhood. We sincerely thank our many loyal advertisers, the businesses that support us by helping distribute our paper, and especially our readers. It is the readers who patronize the businesses that keep Oyster Point thriving.

Those of us who remember the early days of the Oyster Pointer and the Oyster Point business park can scarcely believe that 25 years have passed so quickly. We choose to count this time by the people we've met, the friendships we've made and the businesses we've watched grow and develop.
We can't wait to see what happens in the next 25 years. We invite you to come along for the ride!

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Also, the Oyster Pointer maintains a label list of businesses in the park, with contact names and titles for most businesses. This list is available for sale at $150 a set—a great way to target your mailings. Send us an email if you would like more information.

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Sylvia Weinstein, Editor