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The Oyster Pointer, a monthly newspaper with a circulation of 9,000, provides information about new and existing businesses, their products and services, and the people who run them. The Oyster Pointer began its 26th year in January, 2013. The paper is dedicated to the more than 850 businesses in Oyster Point of Newport News and to its neighboring community of Port Warwick, with more than 50 businesses serving the area. Though most of the editorial content is restricted to businesses located in the Park area, the Oyster Pointer welcomes advertising from all businesses.

To advertise, contact: Brian DePrinzio, Sales Director
Phone: 757-404-1446, Fax: 757-873-0599, E-mail:

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Why should you Advertise in the Oyster Pointer?
Here are 10 POINTS to answer that question!

  1. Target Audience. The Oyster Point business community is one of the top consumer groups. With more than 850 businesses comprising more than 20,000 business people, your message hits the Virginia Peninsula’s most vital advertising and communications target.
  2. Area-wide Distribution. The Oyster Pointer, a free monthly publication, is distributed not only throughout the Oyster Point business area but beyond the park as well. You will find copies from downtown Newport News City Hall up to Newport News-Williamsburg International Airport...and from the Virginia Peninsula Chamber of Commerce offices in Hampton. We distribute to more than 100 locations in the area.
  3. Fun-to-read Features. Our award-winning writers capture the human side of each business we feature, opening new doors in Oyster Point. Plus, there is a wealth of business tips offered by regular and guest columnists in each issue, giving readers current information for the daily business environment.
  4. Reader Friendly. With an index on its front page, readers can find what’s inside at a glance. This makes turning the pages easy and tempting. And, speaking of turning the pages, the Oyster Pointer has a monthly online version that, with the just a click, you can read all the news from the minute it is printed.
  5. Eye Appeal. This is one publication you can judge by its cover. The Oyster Pointer’s color cover is fresh and inviting to every reader. Its easy-to-read layout encourages readers to check out both editorial content and advertising messages. Not only is our cover in color, but color is found throughout the publication, with color photos accompanying each feature.
  6. A Read for Everyone. In a 2009 Readership Survey, we found a diversification of readers, from business people to homemakers, from teachers to students, as our topics cover health and fitness, employment and career issues, travel, legal issues, the Internet, real estate, and working parents. Interestingly, while only 58% of respondents to the survey work in the Park area, 88% of the respondents eat and pick up the Oyster Pointer in the restaurants and multi-story buildings in and around the Park area.
  7. Growing Readership. Since its first issue in 1985, our circulation has grown from 4,000 to 10,000. We mail copies to a subscription list as well as send complimentary issues to our local government leaders. We have also learned from our readers that issues are shared with co-workers, giving advertisers greater visibility among our readership of more than 30,000 people.
  8. Keep Reading. We are a monthly publication which means we have a long shelf life, encouraging readers to keep copies for future reference. This means readers notice your ads each time they read and re-read the Oyster Pointer.
  9. Happy Advertisers. Most of our advertisers stay with us! Our advertising rates are reasonable and our frequency discounts are very attractive. Plus, we offer a good advertising mix of sizes and costs. Let’s face it—if it were not for our advertisers we would not be in business so we consciously make our rates and discounts affordable.
  10. Other opportunities for YOU, the advertiser. The Oyster Pointer publishes the most comprehensive directory of the Oyster Point Business Park, listing alphabetically and categorically more than 850 businesses. Listings show contacts, addresses, phone and fax numbers, and e-mail and web addresses. Included is a detailed street map of the park. Also available are address labels of the Oyster Point businesses, another way to reach the largest business market on the Virginia Peninsula.