Adler Therapy Group (ATG): Therapy with a personal touch

Josh Adler and the team of therapists at ATG help clients of all ages to meet their individual goals.

To create an experience for clients, patients or consumers requires attention to detail — details about what makes people feel welcome, details about how to build and maintain relationships, details about people’s wants, needs and desires, details about what counts when it comes to customer relations, details about the human experience. And if a company wishes to be that one entity people rave about, get the details right and the people will follow. As the famous quote from the movie Field of Dreams goes, if you build it, they will come. Walt Disney understood this and, apparently, Josh Adler, owner, and chief clinical officer of Adler Therapy Group, does too.

Adler Therapy Group (ATG), located on Rock Landing Drive in Newport News, is a company that provides people of all ages with the physical, occupational and speech therapy they need to get better, stay healthy and live their best lives. Their services extend to individuals with autism, cerebral palsy, stroke patients, people suffering from traumatic brain or spinal cord injuries, those diagnosed with Parkinson’s or multiple sclerosis and a plethora of other conditions such as sports-related injuries; joint replacements; infants born prematurely, with spina bifida or Down syndrome; and those experiencing pain for any reason, including from work-related injuries. 

Regardless of why individuals go to ATG, the objective is to see them discharged because their goals were met. “I get weekly emails, reviews on Facebook and Google from patients blown away and thankful for the care they received in our facilities,” Adler says. For example, “I had an 80-year-old who wanted to speak with a manager to tell us how our therapists have given him his life back since having a stroke. Yeah, this is why we’re here; to do this — to help people get better.”

As one of the few remaining therapeutic agents not affiliated with a local hospital, Adler is aware of the importance of building relationships and networking with people to get referrals. Unlike institutions connected to the larger corporate hospital structure, which affords a natural referral system, ATG must work double time to get and maintain referrals. “We are really old school. We build relationships with pediatricians, neurologists, family care physicians, etc. and we have people on our team whose sole purpose is to market our services and ensure a continuous meaningful relationship with these practitioners,” says Adler. “Someone is always behind us wanting the business; we want to be their first thought,” emphasizes Adler. “We’re very lucky in that we see a lot of patients, have a lot of referrals, but are also very aware that if we stop all our efforts, that could easily go away.”

Adler Therapy Group currently maintains six offices and only expands as the community demands. Because most of the corporate structures have so many patients waitlisted, that demand continues to escalate. And ATG fuels that demand with its premiere customer orientation, which Adler ensures by personally interviewing and hiring every employee. “It’s the personal touch that makes the difference,” says Adler. “We don’t just give great therapy; for everyone who comes through the door, it’s an experience. From the point you get the referral call, to check-in, to people assisting the therapist, to the therapy itself, every encounter patients have must be a great experience,” Adler continues. “You’re a VIP from the moment you walk through the door.” Clearly, Adler gets it — just like the Disney experience: Whatever you do, do it well. Do it so well that when people see you do it, they will want to come back and see you do it again, and they will want to bring others and show them how well you do what you do. 

Adler Therapy Group (ATG)
Address: 11832 Rock Landing Dr., Newport News, VA 23606
Contact: Josh Adler, owner/chief clinical officer; Phil Helman, CEO
Phone: 757-455-5000

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