Alliance Engineering: Building relationships between employees and clients

Kevin Kokal, founder and CEO of Alliance Engineering

Kevin Kokal took a leap of faith in 1989 when he was just 29 years old. He had a pregnant wife when he left his job and worked with two partners to create Alliance Engineering. “Alliance Engineering started with an office in Richmond 32 years ago. Then in 2004, we moved to Newport News and eventually transitioned into City Center,” says Kokal. founder and CEO of the company. Alliance Engineering has expanded and added another location in Baltimore.

Providing structural, mechanical, electrical and chemical engineering, Alliance Engineering also offers construction management for industrial and manufacturing clients. With a team of approximately 65 people per branch, the company has learned to cultivate a family workplace environment over the last three decades.

“We try to be a fun, family-oriented company,” Kokal says. “We strive to develop individuals to their fullest capability by giving them opportunities. We are a company that really cares for its employees and their families. We have always felt like we are taking care of three to four times the number of employees we have because we are helping to care for their families, too,” says Kokal. The founder also takes pride in spending time with his employees one-on-one outside of the office, getting to know them on a personal level.

While Alliance works to keep its employees happy, it also goes the extra mile to keep clients happy, as well. The Newport News branch of Alliance Engineering believes in its “do what it takes” mentality and is always ready to face obstacles. “We are focused on client satisfaction and putting in an extra effort. Our motto is ‘Say what you’ll do, then do what you say,’” Kokal says. One of Kokal’s favorite parts about his job is being able to sit down and talk with clients about new opportunities and about his company.

Alliance is committed to keeping its clients satisfied, setting itself apart from others in the field by remaining dedicated to its craft. “When asked in a client survey to describe our strengths,” Kokal says, “responses indicated we have strong technical capabilities, we are quick to respond to clients, we are flexible and we have integrity and reliability. That is all straight from clients’ mouths.”

Kokal and his dedicated team at Alliance Engineering love what they do. “Newport News has been really good for us; City Center is a great location. We are so pleased to be part of the community. We are always looking to do more within the Newport News community,” Kokal says.

When Kokal is not working or traveling among his three locations, he likes to golf, travel and travel to play golf. And despite his consistent visits among locations, the CEO has dreams of traveling more. “My goal when I retire is to travel with my wife,” Kokal says.

Alliance Engineering
Address: 11870 Merchants Walk, Ste. 202, Newport News, VA 23606
Phone: 757-599-3300
Contact: Kevin Kokal
Business: Structural, mechanical, electrical, chemical engineering, construction management

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