City Center Tax Group: CPA quality at an affordable cost

Left to right, Barbara Roe, EA; Iris Garriss, AFSP, RTRP; Theresa Cofsky, EA; and Brittany Heller, BA, MSA, are ready to assist their clients at City Center Tax Group. (Photo by Cathy Welch)

The months between January and April seem to be peppered with conversations regarding confusing tax forms and the looming threat of owing taxes higher than you initially anticipated. City Center Tax Group aims to combat its clients’ taxation fears through forming trusting relationships and providing high quality tax preparation and consulting.

Barbara Roe, Iris Garriss and Theresa Cofsky partnered to establish a group of taxation professionals who assist their clients in tax preparation at an affordable cost.

“I think of us as the middle of the road between storefront taxation groups and pricey CPA firms. We form lasting relationships with our clients that leave them feeling confident in our services,” Roe says. City Center Tax finds referrals their most successful advertising tool. Satisfied customers leave the group feeling secure in their finances, leading them to tell colleagues about the experience.

Roe, Garriss and Cofsky originally went into the field of taxes after striving to maintain balance between personal and professional life. This work allowed each of them to raise their children and continue working to provide financially. Together the three partners boast years of residency in Newport News. Garriss was born and raised in Newport News, while Roe settled in the area in the 80s. Cofsky, a military spouse, found herself locating in the region after her husband was stationed here to continue his service for the U.S. Navy.

Outside of the office, the three women spend their time gardening and traveling. While their individual hobbies differ slightly, the partners find common ground when it comes to exploring the world around them. Roe, born in Germany, occasionally returns to her European roots, while Cofsky spends her vacations in the Canadian Rockies.

The partners began working in taxation under Langley Financial Services. However, when Langley Financial Services chose to remove taxation from its services, Roe, Garriss and Cofsky recognized their clients needed continued tax preparation and consulting.

Many benefits emerged with the opening of their tax group. The partners were able to choose and develop their group in the best direction. That direction relied heavily on client relationships and service. Since opening City Center Tax Group, the business focus has always been on their individual clients.

“Many of our clients originally came to see us because they didn’t feel comfortable preparing and doing their own taxes. Thankfully, they kept returning each year and we have been growing our client base since our opening,” Roe says. The firm employs enrolled agents (EA), allowing the group to dedicate their expertise to taxation rather than personal accounting and finances.

This tax specialization offers confidence to all clients. City Center Tax Group dedicates its time, service and skills to forming personalized relationships, providing top-notch service at an affordable price.

City Center Tax Group
Address: 11838 Rock Landing Dr., Ste. 230, Newport News, VA 23606
Principals: Barbara Roe, Iris Garriss,  Theresa Cofsky
Phone: 757-381-7771

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