Colonial Webb Contractors: Keeping Hampton Roads going

Andy Seifert
Andy Seifert, service manager at Colonial Webb Contractors.

Andy Seifert is service manager for the Newport News location of Colonial Webb Contractors and has been working with the firm in Newport News for nine years. He has many positive comments about his company. “Colonial Webb Contractors completes jobs that can be defined as light commercial work to industrial contracting. We keep buildings going,” Seifert says.

Colonial Webb has been operating in Newport News for 15 years, specializing in mechanical and electrical systems. “Mechanical systems includes air conditioning and plumbing, while electrical systems include lighting, outlets and computers, services of that nature,” Seifert says. With seven other locations, Colonial Webb is one of the largest contractors in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Seifert started out as a technician before working his way up in the industry to become a service manager for Colonial Webb in Newport News. His service department team takes on many different tasks, including maintenance, working on filters and repairs on compressors and equipment. “We work on small or large projects. Some of our larger work shows up in City Center buildings, at Great Wolf Lodge and at local convention centers,” Seifert says proudly of his team.

With such big tasks ahead of his team, Seifert says there is no “typical” workday for him. “Some days I will be focusing on hiring needs and payroll, or I could be working on tasks such as finances and billing. It is fast paced, as I also determine which projects still need work done, and what kind of work,” Seifert says of his turbulent workdays. There is more to his job than just repairing buildings.

While Seifert’s job is fast paced, he still takes time to appreciate the company’s employees and the company as a whole. “Colonial Webb is team oriented; we are proud of how well we work together. We are like a family and it is a great group of people. The team has impressed me since day one. We are a large company but it still feels personal. The people I work with are phenomenal,” Seifert says of his company teamwork experience.

Seifert says seeing his team be successful with projects is the most rewarding part of his job. “When the team overcomes something they have been struggling with, or completes a big project, the excitement from everyone is the best part. It’s rewarding to complete projects,” the service manager says.

“This is a destination workplace. We really love what we do here,” Seifert says. The passion for his job, team and projects are evident. The team spirit of Colonial Webb Contractors keeps the service department motivated. Seifert and his dedicated people within the service department thrive on keeping Hampton Roads running.

While Seifert loves his job and team, when he is not working, he enjoys spending his days off riding his Harley-Davidson motorcycle, or working on home renovations.

Colonial Webb Contractors
Address: 740 Bluecrab Rd.,
Newport News, VA 23606
Phone: 757-873-2263
Contact: Andy Seifert
Business: Contractors

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