Dreamwraps, LLC: Making a personal statement with vinyl wrap

Marcus Clegg, owner of DreamWraps The photos at right show examples of vehicle and wall wraps. (Photo on left by Cathy Wech, photos on right courtesy of Dreamworks)

Would you like to make a bold statement with your car? Consider having it “wrapped” with a color and design of your choice. “Wrapping is less expensive than traditional painting,” says Marcus Clegg, owner of DreamWraps. “It protects your car and lasts longer, too,” he adds. The vinyl wrap is durable, doesn’t need waxing or polishing and can be safely removed. “Make your car fantasies come true and reflect your personality,” says Clegg’s website. Non-factory colors and unique designs appeal to some car owners.

“There are more reasons to wrap your car or truck if you use it for business purposes,” says Clegg. “You can reach more people on the road than you can on your website,” he says. Vehicle ads are non-aggressive and attract attention without disturbance, unlike ads that interrupt TV or radio programs. “It’s a message that’s not ‘in your face,’” says Clegg. Wrapping is less expensive than other long-term advertising campaigns and stands out from the competition. An added advantage is the protection provided against wear and tear, such as weather, rocks and other hazards. “If your ad campaign changes, just rewrap your vehicle,” says Clegg with a smile.

Clegg is from Atlanta, Georgia. After a tour with the U.S. Navy in Norfolk, he went to Norfolk State University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in business management. He worked fulltime at the Norfolk Shipyard while getting his business started. “We worked from my garage for two years,” says Clegg. For the past year he has had two locations in Oyster Point Business Park: an office and an installation workshop. He has three employees, plus help from his wife Sharita and his sisters.

“I have always been interested in sports cars and motorcycles,” says Clegg. He recently had his motorcycle and his new truck wrapped. “I have learned from others while building my business,” he adds. Clegg received training in Florida and Charlotte, North Carolina. “Special certifications are necessary,” says Clegg. Online instruction, such as Photoshop and Illustrator, have helped. There is also a lot of learning by doing, according to Clegg. He recently attended an expo in Las Vegas that showcased commercial/hotel applications for wrapping.

Wall graphics are becoming popular, especially in businesses. Wall décor can be used for aesthetics or advertising. “Vinyl applications are easier than wall paper, which can be very messy,” says Clegg. “We will travel to do this work or we can send tools and instructions for others to do the work. However, they must follow our instructions exactly,” he warns. The design is digitally printed on sheets up to 64-inch wide and shipped in rolls. Vinyl can be applied to a variety of surfaces and is long lasting. Walls can be rough or smooth. The finish can be gloss, semi gloss or matte. There is no damage to the underneath surface so the vinyl can be removed whenever desired. The finished look can be wood, marble or granite. The “downtime” required for installation is much less than other renovations. “Wake up your walls!” says Clegg’s website.

Another increasingly popular market is weddings. Customizing the dance floor or creating a special backdrop will make an event memorable. The vinyl is durable (holds up to dancing) and can be removed without causing damage to the venue. Clegg’s website has many illustrations of possibilities. “Make your event one to remember” is the slogan.

Personal vehicles and ad wraps for vans make up most of Clegg’s business. He has wrapped boats, which makes them much easier to clean. There is some “trial and error” involved. “I know a lot more now about what works and what doesn’t,” says Clegg. For example, working with walls is very tricky. The application goes from top to bottom. If you are not very careful and precise, the design can be off-track before you finish. “I saw some large buildings and walls in Las Vegas that impressed me. I don’t know how the installer did the job,” Clegg says.

Clegg is always willing to increase his knowledge and skill set. He likes to try new things. “One of my more challenging projects was wrapping an ambulance being used for construction work. It was large and we had no template that would help. But it turned out well—eye-catching. Currently I have three school buses that are being repurposed into party vehicles. I am looking forward to the challenge,” says Clegg.

“Most business comes by word of mouth. I give discounts to repeat customers and to the military. I guarantee my work. I won’t leave the job until it is perfect. It is very satisfying to pass one of my creations driving down the road.

“I always wanted to have my own business. Now my creative, business and car interests have come together,” Clegg says.

DreamWraps, LLC
Address: 11872 Canon Blvd., Ste. B, Newport News, VA 23606
Contact: Marcus Clegg, owner
Phone: 757-358-3890
Email: Info@DreamWraps757.com
Website: www.DreamWraps747.net

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