Dynasty Collectibles: A treasured kingdom of antiques from around the world

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Zoe Zhuying
Zoe Zhuying

Dynasty Collectibles, a local collectible antique store, focuses on the value of experiencing Asian culture through the sale of furniture, clothes and additional antiques and collector items derived from a variety of Asian cultures around the world. 

Owner Zoe Zhuying is an organized and enthusiastic person with a passion for collecting unique antiques. She enjoys displaying her favorites and organizing her store to perfection. “My work is very much my hobby,” Zhuying says. “I love putting my collectibles on display and organizing each part of the store to create one overall, unique display. I love to maintain a museum aesthetic throughout my shop to provide a calming and peaceful atmosphere for my customers.” 

When asked how the name of her business was selected, Zhuying explains how she first started in the industry by beginning an antique china collection and learning about the history and significance of antique china. Later, she became interested in other items, such as Asian furniture, home decor and cultural masterpieces that are hard to find elsewhere. “At first, I did consignment to be safe, but after doing that for so many years, I found that it wasn’t my true passion. I learned that my passion was simply Asian collectibles and special items significant to Asian culture from around the world. Later when I began my business, I chose the name Dynasty Collectibles because I thought of it as my own kingdom of collectibles,” says Zhuying. 

If she could go back and give herself one piece of advice before opening her business, Zhuying says, “I would have told myself to avoid clothes because so many people want to donate all their old clothes. It began to take up too much space as well as change the image of my store from an Asian collectibles store to more of a thrift store.” 

When she is not working, Zhuying enjoys spending time with her family as well as various outdoor, recreational activities including swimming, walking and hiking. “Physical exercise is very important to me as I consider myself a very healthy person. I enjoy spending time outside doing a variety of physical exercise. I also enjoy reading books about history as well as National Geographic magazines,” says Zhuying.

Additionally, Zhuying takes pleasure in traveling in search of collectibles. “Hawaii is one of my favorite places with my husband because there are many Japanese, Chinese and Korean influences in that part of the world. It is a place for me to work and grow my collection as well as spend time with my family,” Zhuying says. 

With plans to grow Dynasty Collectibles, Zhuying aims to continue to find the best pieces she believes represent Asian culture. “Rather than focusing on consignment and Asian clothing, I plan to continue my travels to expand my inventory and please my customers,” says Zhuying. 

Dynasty Collectibles
Address: 10600 Warwick Blvd., Ste. 717, Newport News, VA 23601
Owner: Zoe Zhuying
Phone: 804-832-7101

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