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JannaBeaufait (Photo courtesy of Janna Beaufait/LJ Photos)

When I think of dance, the first thing I think of is  joy, sheer joy and incredible fun. It’s like I’m flying when I’m dancing and the world just disappears.

I became a professional dancer and dance instructor because  college dance classes led to folk dance and other dance classes including modern, ballet, ballroom, tap, etc. After marriage, moving to Virginia and children, I found belly dance while at a medieval recreation society. I have opened classes with Newport News and Hampton Parks and Rec as well as my own studio. Now I work online during the Covid quarantine.

In my free time, I enjoy  being a craft junkie. Sewing and beading helps with my dance costumes.

Aside from dance, my passion is  music and reading. I love to learn and want to continue a lifetime of educating myself.

If I organized a dinner party, the four people, dead or alive, I would invite would be my grandmother, my mother, Martha Graham and Bob Fosse.

My favorite junk food snack is  anything chocolate.

Something on my bucket list that I look forward to doing is  traveling again.

In high school, I was the one who  got away with everything and nothing. My father taught at my school and my mother worked in the cafeteria.

Now, my friends all regard me as  the outgoing one.

My nickname is  Dancing Queen!

My role model has always been  my grandmother.

My favorite TV show to binge watch is  Big Bang Theory.

If I made and sold bumper stickers, they would say  ”Car may start to shimmy without warning! Belly Dancer on board.”

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