LJ’s Bowling: Bowling scholarships to help students achieve their athletic dreams

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Bowling students (left to right) Peneeta Wojcik, Robert Smith Jr., Candi Franklin and Suniyah Brown (Jackson’s daughter) post their shots after throwing the ball. Coach Lorenzo Jackson evaluates their technique at right. (Photo by Cathy Welch)

Imagine going on a date with that special someone to…the local bowling alley. You want to make a good impression and because of some helpful bowling lessons with Lorenzo Jackson through LJ’s Bowling, you are confident and ready to show off your skills.

Jackson is a local bowling coach who specializes in helping bowlers of any age perfect their form, balance and technique to be able to knock down the pins with ease.

It was after injuring his knee playing basketball that Jackson first became involved in the sport of bowling. He went to his local bowling alley and was amazed at the talent of the bowlers. As a natural athlete with a competitive attitude, he saw a new way to stay active at the bowling alley. “It was just amazing to watch the ways the bowlers could curve the ball and take control over the lane. I wanted to be like them, and after some practice, I developed a talent for bowling,” Jackson says, reflecting on his journey to become a bowling coach.

After playing in some high stakes bowling tournaments, including the Professional Bowling Association Regional Tour, Jackson was ready to help others develop the skills they needed to be successful in bowling. Because of Jackson’s past experience in bowling tournaments at the professional level, he possesses a high degree of knowledge about the entirety of the game, including understanding patterns and recognizing the most successful way to spin the ball.

Training students at Sparetimes Bowling Alley in Hampton, Jackson is now available to help bowlers of all ages become confident in their bowling skills. “I have students of practically all ages, from 10 to close to 70 years old. No one is too old or too young to master the game,” Jackson says about the wide array of bowlers he coaches.

In addition to helping individuals improve their game, Jackson is tackling his next big push in bowling, creating scholarships and tournaments to allow local young bowlers attend colleges with strong bowling programs. In order to assist young bowlers in the collegiate search, Jackson is developing the Junior Collegiate Tournament, which will showcase students’ bowling abilities and act as a recruiting tool for colleges both in and out of Virginia.

“Exposure is the biggest problem that faces bowlers today,” Jackson says. This bowling coach recognizes that young bowlers with talent need to gain the attention of colleges offering bowling programs. Many Virginia colleges do not currently offer these programs.

To continue assisting young bowlers with their passion, Jackson will be implementing a scholarship to financially support bowlers going from the high school level to the collegiate level. While the scholarship will not be available until 2021, those looking to get involved should start right away. The scholarship will be operated through the Warr Foundation, a nonprofit organization that works with members of the community to help young athletes strengthen their athletic ability and become individuals of strong character. While the scholarship is still working with sponsors to meet the financial needs of prospective young collegiate bowlers, Jackson is hopeful that students will be reaping the benefits from the scholarship for years to come.

Jackson says the next time a bowler feels apprehensive about taking a date out bowling because his or her skills need polishing, head over to Sparetimes Bowling Alley and Jackson will teach a few tips to build one’s bowling confidence.

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