Mother Earth Herbal Apothecary: Educating the region on holistic health

Stretching the Point

Jenneane William at Mother Earth Herbal Apothecary (Photo by Cathy Welch)

If you were asked to describe the diverse aspects of Newport News, what would you say? Would you mention military bases, firmly rooted locals and a thriving shipyard?

It is difficult to imagine individuals discussing alternative medicine and spiritual healing when formulating a summary of the Hampton Roads region. Jenneane William is working to change that. She recognized the demand for alternative and holistic health services in Newport News and opened Mother Earth Herbal Apothecary as a way to provide a multitude of services as well as educate the region on the benefits of natural healing.

William started her business three years ago after moving to the area with her husband and children. Following the move, William analyzed the area’s demand for spiritual healing and education and jumped at the opportunity. Since opening Mother Earth Herbal Apothecary, Willam and her team have been welcomed into the community with open arms and have been met with plenty of questions about their services.

“The first time people walk into the store they are normally filled with questions about our practice. Is this safe? What are the benefits? What is the importance of alternative healing?” William says, “We love answering any and all questions and making everyone from every walk of life feel comfortable inside our shop.”

Mimicking the diverse culture of Newport News, Mother Earth Herbal Apothecary supports a wide demographic of both employees and customers. William and her team see the importance in accepting everyone who enters the shop. The team boasts employees who range from medically certified nurses to individuals who practice holistic healing as a hobby. Additionally, a diverse community of clients pour into the store daily. Mother Earth Herbal Apothecary offers education classes that are used by all ages.

The services offered range from certification to becoming a Reiki master, taking educational classes, chakra cleansing and selling loose teas. And there are herbs by the ounce, tapestries, an organic bath line, incense, candles and more. William herself has made alternative medicine and holistic services an integral part of her life for as long as she can remember. Since her childhood William felt drawn to the healing aspects of nature.

“I have vivid memories of going with my grandfather out to his garden and feeling moved by watching a seed growing into something beautiful and healing,” William says. “I have found this natural healing and balance so helpful when it comes to managing mental and physical health.”

This passion for nature and growth has carried William throughout her personal and professional life. William herself is a mother of four and finds that life outside of the shop tends to rotate around the everyday aspects of being a wife and mother. Whether grocery shopping or caring for her house, William says that she is like any other modern-day wife and mother.

With a son in the naval branch of the military, William is dedicated to assisting military members with their own healing by offering monthly free services to military members and shipyard workers. William is open about how the services offered at Mother Earth Herbal Apothecary are helpful when combating mental health issues as well as chronic pain.

Overall, William strives to incorporate both natural and scientific methods to expand the Hampton Roads culture and its interpretation and use of alternative and holistic health services. The next time you are summarizing the wonderful diversity and culture of Newport News, William suggests remembering to mention the broadening field of holistic services that is budding in our own region.

Mother Earth Herbal Apothecary
Address: 10353 Warwick Blvd.,  Newport News, VA 23601
Contact: Jenneane William, owner
Phone: 757-592-9271

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