PetSuites: A wonderland for the four-legged community

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Pet Suites
Andrea Gutierrez, resort manager, fills a water bowl for a dog visiting PetSuites. Inset: Two dogs frolic in the playroom at PetSuites.

Pets may be animals, but to so many people they are members of their families. For all the love that they give and the smiles they create, it is important that they be well taken care of and pampered, especially when their owners are busy or out of town.

Enter PetSuites Stay and Play, a new facility that opened in July on Warwick Boulevard in Newport News. The two-acre facility provides grooming, boarding and daycare for dogs and cats. Its sole mission is to be a pet’s “happy place.” Basically, it’s a spa for animals.

“We hope every dog has a great time here. We take great care of them. We hope owners trust us and see at pickup how happy their pet is,” says Andrea Gutierrez, resort manager.

The Newport News PetSuites is the second to open in Virginia. There is one in Chesapeake and one set to open in Manassas. Pet Suites is corporately owned and based out of Agora Hills, California.

The goal of the business is simple: to be the go-to place for pet owners to bring their animals for a day of fun, a grooming appointment or a place to stay if they go out of town. It is a one-stop shop for spoiling Fido in a safe, loving environment.

“Everyone here loves animals,” Gutierrez says. “We are all animal-centric. I have been with the company for a year, and I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else. It’s the best job I’ve ever had.” Pet Suites is a sister company to the National Veterinary Association, so safety and animal health is paramount, she says.

“We take top safety precautions,” Gutierrez says. “We want happy, healthy guests. We are fully transparent with everything we do. We have nothing to hide. There are no smoke and mirrors.”

Each service has different levels of offerings. For example, if a dog comes in for grooming, there is a whole menu of services available, everything from fur cuts to dental cleanings to blueberry facials to cologne and perfume offerings. They leave fluffed, brushed, wearing a bandana and smelling fresh.

And if a dog comes in to play, he or she is in for a treat. Dogs are evaluated for behavior, temperament and energy level and then placed in a playroom with other dogs.

“We want to make sure they are the right fit for the environment,” Gutierrez says. The rooms are full of equipment to climb on and jump off. There are also in-ground shallow pools shaped like bones that the dogs can frolic in. It’s an amusement park for canines. All breeds are accepted as long as they clear the evaluation. Puppies are kept in a designated area, and big and little dogs are separated. The idea is to give the animals time to socialize and become buddies. When they go home, it’s likely they will be exhausted from a full day of fun, Gutierrez says. The first day is always free, she says. Owners can choose a half day of day care, or a full day.

Cats have their own room, with lots of space to climb and relax.

For boarding, there are tiers of services. The top tier offers a dog a luxury suite, including a dog bed, a TV and lots of attention. And of course, there are lots of peanut butter treats made in-house.

All PetSuites employees are trained and are able to handle any sort of altercation or issue that may arise between animals. If an animal needs veterinary services while at PetSuites, the facility has relationships with local veterinarians.

PetSuites opens at 6:30 am and closes at 8 pm. “We want this to be their second home,” Gutierrez says with a smile.

PetSuites Stay and Play
Address: 12533 Warwick Blvd., Newport News, VA 23606
Phone: 757-447-7702
Contact: Andrea Gutierrez, resort manager

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