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Stretching the Point

Geneva Perry and Rob Kutz, Promise Law partners.

Partners Geneva Perry and Rob Kutz love what they do every day when they come to work at Promise Law., the law firm specializing in estate planning, estate administration, probate and administration, elder law and asset planning. “Promise Law is a place where we work really hard to know clients in a personal way. Our catch phrase is ‘it’s all about relationship.’ It’s not purely legal, the approach is different,” says Perry, team leader with the practice.

Promise Law began in September 2014 and has been helping people with one of the most difficult parts of life — when estates or funds are being divided after the passing of a loved one. And the Promise Law team works diligently to ensure the process is not another stressor during this difficult time as it supports its clients.

Kutz emphasizes what his partner says about the relationship aspect of their jobs. “Most people we work with are in crisis. We see families in two different realms — chaos and grief. Planning is critical. It sure makes life easier on your loved ones,” he says. “They have gone through the process with the feeling of a burden being lifted, and we have helped them get through something difficult.”

With a tag line of “Life happens, plan on it,” the Promise Law team is always ready to help families and loved ones prepare for the unthinkable. The attorneys view their work as putting together a puzzle and are pleased to see the final pieces come together for their clients. “We enjoy trying to solve the unknown for clients. We actually are very creative, especially with core documents which can be customized to meet the client’s needs,” Perry says. Kutz agrees, saying, “After many years, we know how to untie the knots and help clients. It’s one step at a time, and often we take the first step for the client who doesn’t know.”

The Promise Law team enjoys getting to know its clients personally and professionally and helping clients work through challenges to see the reward. They specialize in helping clients, supporting and coaching them from point A to point B. “The relationships that we form over the years is the most rewarding part. People are always so relieved they planned ahead and see the reward in keeping the plan fresh,” Kutz says.

Kutz began his law career almost 35 years ago and has been happy completing his work ever since. “I started in the Coast Guard and was a judge advocate general for 17 years. My passion was estate planning. I really enjoyed it. Geneva and I started working together in 2019 and have been doing this for 35 years, with almost 18 in private practice,” Kutz says.

Perry began working in home, health and hospice care while still in high school, realizing her passion was helping people in transition periods. “This is my only practice area. Attorneys help facilitate and make it clear for these people that they still can receive care. I have always liked these sorts of topics, being able to walk in with a family and help them untangle problems,” Perry says. Perry went on to pursue her high school passion and earned her law degree from the College of William & Mary.

When it comes to giving back to the Newport News community which they serve, the Promise Law team sees value in helping the community. Kutz serves on the board of the Peninsula Agency on Aging, which serves and gives back to elders in the community. The Alzheimer’s Association is also dear to the Promise Law team and is an organization they work with, as they see many older clients who are dealing with the disease.

In their free time, Kutz and Perry still enjoy being creative, both singing in their church choirs. “I also do yoga and enjoy this beautiful area,” Perry says. Kutz enjoys traveling and time with family. “And I have been a Boy Scout leader for many years,” he adds.

The Promise Law team’s dedication to its clients and community clearly illustrates their enjoyment as they guide others through every stage of life.

Promise Law
Address: 112610 Patrick Henry Dr., Ste. D, Newport News, VA 23602
Phone: 757-690-2470
Contact: Geneva Perry and Rob Kutz
Business: Estate planning, probate and administration, and protection services

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