Sandy Bridgman – Chief Executive Officer, Waters & Bridgman Marketing Solutions

Point Blank

Something I have witnessed grow and evolve in Oyster PoinT Is City Center at Oyster Point. Our company was one of the first to build in Oyster Point.

My favorite restaurant in City Center to grab lunch is Taste.

The best place to watch a sunset is in beautiful Venice, Italy.

Something about me that most people probably don’t know is I’m a die-hard Virginia Tech football fan.

If I could build a home anywhere in the world, my house could be found in San Francisco, overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge.

Working in marketing, a valuable lesson I have learned is to listen more and speak less.

My role model when I was growing up was my sweet grandmother, who had the patience to teach me to cook.

My friends affectionately refer to me as a workaholic.

The coolest gadget I own is my Google whole-house wifi pods.

My motto for business is never burn a bridge.

The biggest professional challenge I have encountered was public speaking and I overcame it by taking the Dale Carnegie Course.

The most joyous moment of my life was when my son was born.

If I could relive a moment, It would be when I had the privilege to help refuel an F-15 fighter jet while in flight. I have the pictures to prove it too!

The secret to happiness is be true to yourself—remembering you’re the only one responsible for your happiness.

I chose to enter the marketing industry because I’m a people person and I also knew there would never be a dull moment.

When I am not working, I am usually traveling or playing with my dog, Ellie.

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