Sarah Barber – Executive Director, Newport News Public Arts Foundation

Sarah Barber in the olive groves of Italy.

When I think about October, I think about visiting the pumpkin patch and watching football.

My favorite place to sit and think is on my back porch.

If I could have anything for dinner, I would have spaghetti.

The best part of my job is working with artists from around the world.

My passion is to enjoy life.

When I leave a room, I hope that people remember me for being caring, hardworking and dependable.

If I could teach a class on any one thing, it would be a class on dancing.

Three adjectives that describe me are outgoing, creative and caring.

My hero is my sister.

My favorite place to grab lunch in Oyster Point is Salsa’s Mexican Grill.

The book I am currently reading is The Outsider by Stephen King.

One thing I do every day, without fail, is read to my daughter.

My advice for being successful is to be yourself and work hard.

My favorite place to vacation is Walt Disney World.

My favorite Saturday activity is spending time with my husband and daughter.

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