Sean Hirsekorn – Owner, Gabba Gabba Salon

Point Blank

Sean with daughter Emma

The goal I have accomplished in my life that I am most proud of is
two goals for sure! First is having my family and my girls! Second is being able to be a part of the Port Warwick community since the very beginning.

Something that most people do not know about me is  I proudly served in the U.S. Army.

A cause that I can always rally behind is  work ethic and not using store-bought shampoo!

My favorite aspect of working in Port Warwick is  the community feel!

When I think about November, I always think about  November 22nd! My birthday — and my brother’s!

The best part of a Thanksgiving Day meal is  EVERYTHING!

Something that I have done that my friends brag about is always put others first.

One thing I will always be is  honest.

Three words that describe me are  he said what?!?

Don’t worry about  what others think!

My favorite cold weather accessory is  my red scarf!

My motto as it relates to work is  Bring your A game.

TV that I can binge watch is  anything on Turner Classic Movies!

I am always happy when  I’m with my girls!

The best advice I have ever received is  follow advice from people who’ve been successful.

My favorite sports team is  whoever my wife is cheering for!

Music I can listen to over and over is  Jet, Elle King and Buddy Guy!

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