Thaijindesu Thai and Sushi Bar: It’s time to try Thai

Prasit “Ken” Khachenrum, at your service.

Having an opportunity to dine out is a treat not everyone is privileged to enjoy. Those who do, however, often find the greatest pleasure in some of the simplest things. The atmosphere, presentation and preparation of food, quality of customer service and experience make all the difference when it comes to restaurant dining.

Thaiindesu Thai and Sushi Bar, located in the heart of Port Warwick, offers a blend of Japanese and Thai cuisine, creating a unique savory experience for those seeking healthy, fresh and reasonably priced meals.

The restaurant opened in 2005 and is still going strong, seeing “new business every day with positive employee and customer experiences,” says owner, Prasit “Ken” Khachenrum. “Ken,” as he’s known to his customers, works alongside his family, including his two sons, Krit and Patrick, and his wife, Tassy. He says he has always been drawn to the restaurant business. “I enjoy food, especially Thai cuisine, and I enjoy serving and taking good care of my customers,” he says. 

Khachenrum’s loyalty to his customer base results in a great deal of repeat business. “I get to know a lot of customers and, together, we are like family and friends. When they come into the restaurant, they always ask for me or find me. I love what I do ­— working, talking to customers and meeting new people every day,” Khachenrum says.

As a farmer, Khachenrum grows his own food, ensuring it is the highest quality possible, and he passes that quality along to his customers. “I strive every day to offer unique high-quality dishes like our crispy duck basil and pâté seafood,” Khachenrum says. And it’s these flavorful dishes that keep customers coming back for more.

Having built his restaurant from the ground up, Khachenrum was able to add his own personal touch to the restaurant. Offering Thai cuisine in an American atmosphere allows Khachenrum and his family to give patrons a small taste of their very own Thai culture, a culture in which guests are highly esteemed and treated with the utmost of respect.

Because of this Thai culture mindset, Khachenrum says it’s sometimes difficult to find people who can embrace the style and master the cuisine in ways that honor his family traditions. Customers are always free to make special requests, and they will not leave disappointed. For Khachenrum, it is not only about perfect taste but also perfect presentation. And it helps that Port Warwick offers the very best in atmosphere and location, providing a unique community within which to meet new people, prepare unique menu items and serve family and friends.

To be at peak performance in his profession, Khachenrum works out regularly to stay healthy. When he’s not working, he still enjoys time with customers who invite him to play golf or join them as they pursue other hobbies. Both in and out of the restaurant, Khachenrum relishes in the support he gets from his patrons, which motivates him even more to “make nice quality dishes to serve my customers.” As English author, Douglas Adams says, “To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.” From Thai culture to Thai cuisine, Ken Khachenrum and his family epitomize “real service.” 

Thaijindesu Thai and Sushi Bar
Address: 2180 William Styron Square, Newport News, VA 23606
Contact: Ken Khachenrum, owner/general manager
Phone: 757-595-8410

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