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Tim and Kay Diemont

While caring comes in many forms, sometimes it can manifest in unexpected ways and places. In a world where few seem to care about those around them, it’s a rarity to find a company that thrives on the very notion of caring for others. TruBlue of Yorktown is just such a company, founded to take care of the elderly and allow them to stay in their own homes for as long as possible. “The thought was if someone is in the home taking care of a person, no one is taking care of the home,” says TruBlue franchise owner, Tim Diemont.

Tim and Kay Diemont bought their TruBlue franchise 10 years ago, starting with a large population of elders and growing into a company designed to meet the needs of people of all ages, including service to local military bases. As a total housecare franchise, TruBlue is prepared to meet a variety of housecare needs, such as cleaning, house repairs, home maintenance, handyman and renovation services and so much more. Because TruBlue allows franchise owners to develop their own model, Kay and Tim have tailored their company to meet a variety of needs of busy adults.

The company has seen great success over the past decade, with significant contributions from their housekeeping manager, Joan Riordan, who has been with them since before the company launched. While Tim and Kay manage the administrative portion of TruBlue, Joan takes care of housecare service logistics, ensuring there are enough housekeepers, keeping track of where they are at all times, managing their schedules and hiring new staff as necessary. “A lot of the success of any business is the people you have working for you,” says Tim, “and Joan is a loving, caring person of great character.” In fact, Tim and Kay like to quip to other would-be franchise owners that, “If they can find a Joan, they can do it.”

TruBlue of Yorktown is the longest owned franchise in a chain of 80+ TruBlue franchises. And because of their hard work, Tim and Kay have won several awards for their franchise, including franchise of the year, president’s award and top sales award.

Regarding the future of the company, Kay and Tim are so pleased with the last decade of service they’ve offered that they’re excited to see what the next 10 years bring. Even though there is clear opportunity to expand, they’re not looking to get too big. “We have a reputation of great service and good people we truly care about,” says Tim. They are happy providing total house care in the style they’ve chosen — one call to one source. Kay echoes Tim’s sentiment saying, “We are honored people allow us into their homes — total strangers — your home is your castle, and we will try and treat it with the respect we would want if you came into our home.”

Because of their total trust in Riordan and her ability to look after the business, Tim and Kay enjoy traveling quite a bit — averaging around seven weeks of vacation each year. They’ve visited many places, such as the Netherlands, Tim’s home of origin; Ireland; Portugal; and many other European destinations. They very much enjoy castles and cathedrals and take every opportunity possible to visit them; they’ve even been fortunate enough to stay in some castles a few times. So, when Kay, co-owner of TruBlue, says, “your home is your castle,” she has a genuine sense of what that means. 

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