Wendy Drucker Managing Partner, Drucker + Falk

Point Blank

Wendy Drucker

My favorite aspect of the holiday season is  having a houseful of family and friends for Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday.

The humanitarian effort I have made of which I am most proud is  the work I did with the Lost Boys of Sudan.

My idea of the perfect way to unwind is  having a great workout.

If a song played every time I entered a room, I would want that song to be  one that makes me smile and want to dance!

The best thing I’ve seen on TV lately is  This Is Us.

Something about me that most people don’t know is  I was on the synchronized swimming team in college.

A charitable organization of which I am in full support is the Noland Trail.

The best book I have read recently is  Where the Crawdads Sing.

A personal goal I have is  to walk across the U.S.

I am happiest when I am  on, in or near the water.

The best gift I have ever received is  my twins, Evan and Nicole.

Something I know now that I wish I knew then is  everything!

My guilty pleasure is  eating an amazing bread pudding.

Something that makes me different from other people is  I love starting my day at 4 am.

My #1 New Year’s resolution is  not to have one!