Yoga with Lian: Navigating life through yoga

Lian Mosher, owner of Yoga with LIan, demonstrates yoga poses. (photos by Cathy Welch)

Lian Mosher, owner of Yoga with Lian, stands out with her “hot hot pink” hair. Pink is Mosher’s favorite color and means love, gentleness and compassion. She teaches yoga in a one-room attic space above another business. Lighting is soft and furnishings are few. There are no mirrors, and Mosher does not call it a studio.

Mosher considers herself nontraditional. For her students, she provides a free-spirited, carefree atmosphere. She describes her style of yoga with words such as restorative, mental, relaxing, opposite of “power.” However, she does offer heated vinyasa, where sweating is encouraged. “The windowless attic room helps with the atmosphere,” says Mosher.

Mosher is a Korean-American. Her father is in the military. She was first introduced to yoga when visiting family in Seoul in 2007. She attended George Washington University in Washington, D.C., and received a degree in marketing. She decided that was not her calling and moved in with her father in Virginia. “I worked for others while I was building my business,” Mosher says. She rented her space and received her business license in 2016. “I am growing slowly,” she says.

Mosher has discovered different aspects of yoga as she has moved about. “Whenever I was in a dark place, yoga would help me,” she says. She is now committed to bringing what she has learned to others.

Mosher has the E-RYT 200 designation (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with 200 hours). She offers private lessons, online instruction, workshops, corporate yoga classes and parties. She promotes unstructured, individualized routines that are different with each session.

The variety of classes includes beginner, which is slow paced. “Power Vinyasa” uses meditative movements. “Vinyasa Restore” calms the mind, restores the body and heals the breath. Bolsters and props are used to guide movements. “Electro Yoga” classes are conducted in black light. “The dark setting brings focus to breath and body. And it’s fun!” says Mosher. “Slow Flow” is paced slower with longer holds to build muscle tone and strength.

Mosher uses many forms of media to advertise. Her attractive website posts her class schedule and a newsletter. Mosher places flyers on bulletin boards in coffee shops and at Christopher Newport University. She relies on word of mouth for additional clients. She uses YouTube and sometimes posts videos of classes. “Some people are shy about video, so I always ask permission,” she says. “I’m definitely on a budget. I have gotten clients from Google. Whatever works! Remember that marketing was my major in college,” she adds.

Mosher teaches 14 classes in her facility, plus a number at other locations. Classes can be small (one to three people) or larger groups. Workshops can be up to two hours long. Her demographic is 40-plus years, women and men. Mondays and Fridays are her busiest days.

Future plans include having guest teachers with different styles. “I would like to connect with other teachers. We can learn from each other. I would like to expand and get a partner. I want to build a yoga community and create a yoga family,” says Mosher.

Yoga with Lian
Address: 704 Gum Rock Court, Ste. 300, Newport News VA 23606
Contact: Lian Mosher, owner
Phone: 720-998-7526

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