Kraken Performance Gym: Personalized fitness for the everyday client

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Remington, left, and Benjamin Lanning (Photo by Maurice Kleinman)

Benjamin and Remington Lanning, brothers and co-owners of Kraken Performance Gym, recognize the importance of personalized fitness regimens to help each individual meet fitness goals. Kraken Performance believes it is important to exercise outside of the corporate gym world. Taking a step back from that environment has allowed the Lanning brothers to form connections with their clients, focusing on the individual goals of each gym member.

The gym opened in February, 2019, and made personal training a core feature in clients’ fitness routines. The brothers enjoy working together. “Working with family has a ton of perks. Ben and I have a great relationship; he is my best friend,” Remington says.

Remington has had a keen interest in athletics his entire life. In 2012, he became a personal trainer. A sports enthusiast and player, he has participated in football, wrestling and soccer, allowing him to enter the world of weight lifting, leading to an interest in bodybuilding which he continues to pursue.

Both brothers were inspired to open a gym from their experience of going to a small circuit gym in Basset, Virginia. Gary Hodges, owner of that gym, formed a connection with both Benjamin and Remington, helping them foster their passion for fitness. While both brothers had different experiences with Hodges, Remington emphasized how his relationship
with the owner influenced his current career path.

Inspiration for the name Kraken Performance Gym originated with Hodges bellowing out “Release the Kraken” to those powering through a workout. Hodges left such an impact on the Lanning brothers that after his sudden passing in 2016, they carried on his tradition of encouraging others to meet their fitness goals.

While the name Kraken Performance Gym can sound somewhat intimidating for those who do not have much experience working out, Remington says, “We are here to help anyone from any walk of life.” The Lannings achieve that goal by providing each person who comes into the gym with a personal touch they claim cannot be achieved in large corporate gyms.

“We are not the typical training gym that only caters to those who are big buff weight lifters. While we have clients who fit that mold, we have individuals in their seventies and those who have never even picked up weights,” Remington says.

While closing temporarily to protect clients during the pandemic, Kraken Performance Gym undertook some renovations so that clients can be best served now that doors are open again. The gym plans to continue to boost membership numbers and expand its staff so that it can give individual attention to each client striving to meet health and fitness goals.

While the gym continues to grow and develop its niche in the community, the Lanning brothers are prepared to conquer anything else that places itself in their path. Remington continues to focus on his physique between personal training so that he can compete in future body building competitions.

When they aren’t in the gym, both Benjamin and Remington enjoy spending time with their loved ones and finding new ways to encourage others to get healthy and stay motivated. They aim to achieve that through interacting closely with their clients.

“By far, the primary motivation that makes us stand out is the personal relationship,” Remington says. “We see most of our clients multiple times a week. These frequent visits help clients maintain their enthusiasm and drive.”

Kraken Performance Gym
Address: 3120 Kiln Creek Pkwy., Yorktown, VA 23693
Owners: Benjamin and Remington Lanning
Phone: 757-234-8937

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