From the Editor

Sylvia Weinstein

Happy Summer, Beachcombers!

June has arrived and the summer sun has come with it. Remember your sunscreen, flip-flops and shades when you head out to have your summer fun. With June, we celebrate all the dads out there with Father's Day and our closest buddies on National Best Friend Day. Be sure to salute the Stars and Bars for Flag Day as you pack your travel bags for summer vacations. Here's to sandy toes, "borrowed" seashells and relaxing summer sunsets.

Sylvia Weinstein


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From the Editor

Sylvia Weinstein

Happy Summer, Beach Bums and Green Thumbs!

There is no denying that summer has indeed arrived, and in Virginia that means it is HOT, HOT, HOT! Stay cool with your toes in the sand, a frozen daiquiri and the July issue of Oyster Pointer. Hampton Roads takes its Independence Day celebrations seriously and justifiably so. This area is where it all began, so be sure to take in the many fun things to do in our community including a visit to Colonial Williamsburg, taking a lap or two at Yorktown Beach and enjoying all the summer fun, making memories with your kids and grandkids. Whatever you do, be sure to lather up the sunblock before you sing 'Happy Birthday' to America the Beautiful.

Until next month,

Sylvia Weinstein

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