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Sylvia Weinstein


Happy holidays all of you good girls and boys! Don't you just love the feeling in the air at this time of year? Warm and fuzzy sentiments abound and the urge to be EXTRA kind to everyone illuminates. Fill your tummies with just the right amount of holiday treats and be sure to remind your family and friends how much you love and care for them. Here is wishing you the happiest of holiday seasons from the Oyster Pointer family to yours!

Sylvia Weinstein

Brian Cole

Brian Cole, Personal Training Associates The best Valentine’s Day ever must include the Special Lady in my life. A motto that I live by is keep doing all I can. Something that most people don’t [Read More…]


  • I have to tell you, my readers, this country of ours is a land of beauty and diversity, one of Mother Nature’s masterpieces. From sea to shining sea we have monumental mountains, plains, oceans, deserts, waterfalls [Read More...]


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  • Which life insurance is best for you?  Term insurance is for a specific period of time (10, 20, 30 years) and usually for a specific need. When the term expires, your costs will go up [Read More...]

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  • One of the most common complaints seen in an ENT office is the reported sinus infection. Symptoms include congestion, headache, runny nose and post-nasal drip. Oh, but wait. Those symptoms are also seen with colds [Read More...]



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Newport News Public Schools

From the Editor

Sylvia Weinstein


Happy February, Sweethearts! The month of February is full of reasons to show love and celebrate. Happy birthday to America's 16th president, "Honest" Abe Lincoln and to one of the most influential advocates for women's rights, Susan B. Anthony. With super parties for the big bowl game, three-day weekends, Chinese New Year and everyone's favorite day to remind the loves of our lives how we feel with flowers, cards, chocolates and special meals, the good times are certainly rolling! Here's to letting the romance flow for Valentine's Day and every other day throughout the year. Happy February!

Sylvia Weinstein