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My dear readers, December is such a bittersweet month. Old Man Winter makes himself known...



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From the Editor

Sylvia Weinstein

My dear readers, December is such a bittersweet month. Old Man Winter makes himself known as firesides crackle, short days surrender to long dark nights, and the sofa becomes my destination of choice as the evening sets in. December is a time for reflection, settling up with the past year and mustering up the fortitude for the challenges of a new year. It’s the time for thinking about life. Has it given me the meaning I expected from it? Have my paths taken me where I have wanted to go? How can I be a better person for my family and friends?

Here it is December 2023, and I am still here. Yes, we are still here.

So I ask you this: Did you ever notice the stars are always brighter in the cold December sky? To me, it’s no coincidence that December is the ordained month for our holidays. They light us up with festivity! The heaviness of this cold month is lifted with family get-togethers, parties with our friends, the joy of gift giving, the glorious music of the season and renewing bonds with those far away. December is filled with sentiments, memories in the making.

And it’s not a coincidence all of this warmth and inner glow is preparing us for the new year. As we bid adieu to the old year by falling under the magical spell of December’s holidays, we are gathering momentum to glide, arms wide open, into the January of a brand new year. Put to rest all troublesome thoughts. Say goodbye to nagging uncertainties. Think the new year will be full of wonder and beauty — and it will be.

As I send to each of you, dear readers, my wish for a happy ending to the year, I invite you to look to the star-studded December sky. You’ll immediately know what I mean. Happy Holidays!

Sylvia Weinstein

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