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Sylvia Weinstein


Happy holidays all of you good girls and boys! Don't you just love the feeling in the air at this time of year? Warm and fuzzy sentiments abound and the urge to be EXTRA kind to everyone illuminates. Fill your tummies with just the right amount of holiday treats and be sure to remind your family and friends how much you love and care for them. Here is wishing you the happiest of holiday seasons from the Oyster Pointer family to yours!

Sylvia Weinstein


  • We all have our favorite things about summer, don’t we? Fresh-squeezed lemonade, wearing sandals, a beautiful flower garden, reading travel magazines, the sound of cicadas in the evening air, those warm breezes from the river… [Read More...]


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  • Wait! I thought my driveway was black asphalt. Well, it is for most of the year, but suddenly, it has a distinct green sheen. What’s going on? It’s springtime in Southeastern Virginia, and the trees [Read More...]



  • Relax. This is not my regular To Your Health column so no exercise recommendations today. At least for the rest of 2019, I’ll be alternating this Viewpoint column monthly with the To Your Health one [Read More...]

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  • During World War II, many American families devoted a portion of their lots to producing some of their own food. This was considered patriotic, since much of the food was allocated to support our troops [Read More...]

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From the Editor

Sylvia Weinstein

Happy Summer, Beachcombers!

June has arrived and the summer sun has come with it. Remember your sunscreen, flip-flops and shades when you head out to have your summer fun. With June, we celebrate all the dads out there with Father's Day and our closest buddies on National Best Friend Day. Be sure to salute the Stars and Bars for Flag Day as you pack your travel bags for summer vacations. Here's to sandy toes, "borrowed" seashells and relaxing summer sunsets.

Sylvia Weinstein

Important Message from Virginia Peninsula Foodbank