Greetings from the Editor

From the Editor

Do you think it is just coincidence that during the coldest of months we celebrate the warmest of emotions? Frankly, I think it’s all a part of some glorious master plan that during the frostbite of February we pay homage to St. Valentine, the patron saint of romantic and courtly love. With lovey-dovey cards, candlelight dinners and sparkly gifts, this day that is set aside for l’amour.

In our everyday life, we use the word “love” frequently, as in “I’d love another piece of candy.” Or “Love ya,” which has become a popular farewell. And what about songs? There’s hardly a song that doesn’t resort to love as a theme.

I want to expand the meaning of love. I love my family, each and every one of them. They are my mainstays in life. And I love my friends. They are my life’s colors. I’m very blessed that I love my work and all of the talented people who help make Oyster Pointer what it is today. It gives my life purpose and meaning.

And while we’re at it, I love lunches with friends at a favorite restaurant or hour-long visits! I love texting or e-mailing or calling my favorite people to keep in touch.

I guess you have noticed by now that I love life, its many pleasures, challenges and rewards. It is the ultimate gift, and every day I unwrap unexpected surprises.

So, Valentine’s Day has become larger to me than romance. It is my time of year to be thankful for the bounty of love I have in my life. It’s the time for me to think about the things that warm me from within, that touch my heart, that maybe even sometime bring a little tear to my eye, a tear of happiness.

Enjoy this season of love.  In fact, tell someone today “I love you.”

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Sylvia Weinstein Craft, as publisher and editor, has been cutting her teeth on printer’s ink for 35 years and enjoying every issue of it. What began as an 8½ x 11 quarterly has grown to a 24-plus page tabloid with a monthly distribution of 9,000 in almost 200 Peninsula locations. Sylvia is most proud of her dedicated designers, writers, photographers and other important team members who make this industry fun. Most of all, she is quick to express her appreciation to the advertisers and readers who make it possible for her to love her work.