A & E Supply Company of Tidewater: Signing the future with color

Bryan Hannum, right, owner of A&E Supply Company, with Jeri Hall, office manager in Newport News

A & E Supply Company of Tidewater, established in 2002, is a Class A government contracting business specializing in managing professional equipment and supplies, including drafting equipment and supplies as well as equipment for Supplies Merchant Wholesalers serving in Virginia Beach and Newport News. Bryan Hannum, company president and owner, is a patient and enthusiastic leader, who manages the Virginia Beach office. Jeri Hall manages the Newport News office.

A & E’s collective staff of 16 provides hundreds of accounts across the region with a wide range of printing, reproducing, drafting and archiving services. In addition to working with various development companies local to Hampton Roads, Hannum and his team create and install colorful and captivating signage (both interior and exterior) for real estate companies, public works departments as well as advertising agencies. 

Hannum works tirelessly each week to produce and promote the best quality printing, graphics and signage for each client, with hopes of providing exceptional service and rewarding results for his business and the client. He also oversees all of the company’s operations, including quality control, accounting and managing his team. In addition, Hannum spends a lot of time reading various construction projects for different sites in order to bid on signage for future projects throughout the area. 

When asked how COVID-19 affected his business, Hannum says, “It hurt us a little bit as far as ordering supplies due to shipment delays nationwide, so my team wasn’t able to meet with new clients to pursue new business. However, we were fortunate to be considered essential as Class A general contractors, so we were still able to maintain the business.” 

When he is not working, Hannum enjoys spending time with his family. He also enjoys a good game of golf. “With four kids,” he says, “my family life is quite busy and only getting busier. I am now getting to the point where I am helping my kids navigate through high school and college and discussing different ideas about how to be successful in life. We discuss life goals and aspirations often so that they can become successful individuals in the future, beyond academics and athletics.” 

With a goal to expand northward through Richmond, Hannum foresees A & E Supply growing into a commercial sign and print business to include the management of all commercial construction and residential projects, signage, print and plans. 

Hannum says his favorite aspect of his position is the rewarding experience of seeing a project from start to finish, something he looks forward to with every new client and opportunity. 

A & E Supply Company of Tidewater
Address: 709 City Center Blvd., Ste. A-110, Newport News, VA 23606
Contact: Bryan Hannum, president/owner
Phone: 757-873-2442

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