A new call of adventure


By Lorri Hanna, MA, CTRS, LPC, RYT, Deep Transformational Coach

Living through a pandemic where uncertainty dominated our lives, our relationships and our connections have left us with an insatiable longing to be in presence with community. Our bodies search for an internal peace to outweigh the state of activation we’ve lived in for many months of global upheaval.

Spending time in nature reminds us we are not alone. Have you ever found yourself talking to a flower or a tree? Praying to the sky or sending hopes and dreams down a river or into the wind and shortly thereafter, a feather appears? That’s the beauty of nature; she’s a constant reminder we are not alone. As the seasons evolve, nature reminds us that endings are only beginnings and to transform, we must release and allow, welcoming all our seasons of life.

Alone, together has been the theme for me during this pandemic. To make meaning of our time of separation is to view life through the lens of alone together. The lesson remains how to practice autonomy within relationships, whether near or distant. Is not our experience what maps memory? What’s possible now? In some ways, we could look at this pandemic as a retreat — not necessarily the one we may have chosen; nevertheless, it was a departure from our daily patterns and distractions.

As the world begins to open to travel, our choice to return to the old or create a new path awaits. We’re aware there is no promise an experience will be transformative. Experience as we know is the opportunity that clears the path for a potential transformation, experience and embodiment. The experiential learning opportunities anchor us into exploration, curiosity and wonder.

This is what the call of adventure offers. While building resiliency begins with self, our practices emanate outward to others. Adventures that offer challenges and somatic experiences invite the whole body to meet obstacles and trust in oneself and others to problem solve. How do we cultivate an adventure experience that can have a long-term impact on our daily life, our current situation, our communities and our health and wellness?

Find a different way to retreat. Retreat alone together on an adventure that invites a shift within our internal landscape with the backdrop of nature’s landscape, an opportunity to listen to the messages of the soul. Spirit will meet you there.

Lorri Hanna is a Certified Deep Transformational Coach and can be reached at 612-867-2232. Her website: www.barefootsoulswellness.com.

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