Alexandria Rast: On The Move Massage

Point Blank

The Rast family: Alexandria, Chloe, Scarlett, Annabelle and husband Josh.

The key to relaxation is  breathing. When we take slow, deep breaths, we activate our parasympathetic nervous system, allowing our body to calm. I use the count of four seconds in, one second hold, four seconds out, one second hold and repeat. I call it my “chill pill.”

When I think about what makes me happy, I think about  food! Amazing flavorful food! I love to bring my family together to enjoy new recipes.

Something most people don’t know about me is  I served in the US Air Force Reserves for 12 years as a chaplain assistant. So many great experiences, serving with some amazing people who became my family.

When people think of me, I hope they think  and smile about how I made them feel. I love helping people feel joy and getting them to laugh. 

Something I enjoy learning about is  the human body. The knowledge of how it works, moves, thinks is really endless. I enjoy completely geeking out on massage techniques to help create space for healing.

I love working as a massage therapist because  every day and every client is different. It challenges me to keep growing and to keep moving. 

April showers bring May flowers and  LIVE MUSIC! I love an evening at a brewery with a cold beer, listening to music, with the family and our dog.

If I won the lottery, MY first purchase would be   a farm — chickens, goats, horses, cows. It’s a lot of work and never a dull moment. 

My favorite place to dine in Newport News is  Aago! Nepalese and Indian fusion. The chicken mikhani with garlic cheese Naan is always on point.

A cause that I am in passionate support of is  bone marrow donations. I encourage everyone to sign up at to be a donor. Donating blood is also a great way to support. 

The secret to a happy life is  living in each moment. It is tough with today’s distractions. It’s easy to look back or charge forward, but living in this second, this breath — that’s the only thing that we truly have.  

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