All My Sons: Taking the art of moving to a new level

Jeremy Andrews, general manager, left, stands with Melissa Wagner, inside sales manager, and Luther Graham, assistant operations manager. (Photo by Kelli Caplan)

Moving can be stressful. Packing. Relocating. It can bring the steadiest soul to a breaking point.

But that feeling of overwhelming anxiety can be avoided if the right company is chosen to assist with the move. Enter All My Sons Moving and Storage.

The moving company, located in Oyster Point for four years, supports its mission to keep a move as easy as possible. Its people work hard to dissolve any worry that relocation can create. Communication, good employees and a sold plan make that happen, says Jeremy Andrews, general manager of the Newport News office.

“We make contact with each client at least five times,” says Andrews, 37. “We really try to create an action plan specific for them. No move is the same.”

Moving, he says, is ranked among the top five stressors in a person’s life.

“People are already stressed out,” he says. “We try to put them at ease.”

All My Sons is based in Dallas, Texas. It was started by a family, and still maintains the values on which it was built: good people, solid moves and lots of open communication with the customer. If there is a touchy situation involved with the people moving, such as divorce or domestic violence, Andrews says the employees are briefed and prepared to deal with the emotions they may encounter on site.

“It’s a people business,” Andrews says. “You have to back up what you sell. We cater to the emotions of our clients.”

The company, which is the official mover of the Dallas Cowboys, offers all levels of moving services, from moving locally to moving across the country. The company will come in and pack everything, or just take the boxes the client has packed. There are many levels of moving, Andrews says.

“We can move a person while he or she sits on the sofa with a glass of wine,” he says with a smile.

But no matter what a client needs, the company will treat the client with the exact same high standards. The moving industry is competitive, and there’s a lot of emphasis on making sure clients are happy and willing to recommend a company. Andrews watches reviews on social media and makes adjustments as needed to make sure All My Sons maintains a majority of five-star ratings.

“If we do well with quality, quantity doesn’t matter,” he says.

The Newport News office of All My Sons is consistently ranked among the top five of all the company’s offices nationwide, he says.

Andrews believes much of that has to do with the Newport News staff and work ethic. He takes great pride in hiring people he thinks have the potential to go above and beyond. All employees are background and drug checked. The caliber of the employees allows them to be the only movers allowed on several local military bases. In the winter, All My Sons employs 50 to 60 people. During the summer, the height of the moving season, the Newport News office can carry a crew of as many as 120 people.

“We hire the ‘cream of the crop,’” he says. “We take good care of our guys. I like developing my people. I want them to excel. Seeing our people succeed is where the satisfaction is.”

All My Sons performs 6,000 moves a year out of the Oyster Point location. It is busy seven days a week. Each day, the company does between four and 13 moves. During the summer, that number increases to up to 25 daily.

“It’s madness,” Andrews says.

All My Sons is planning to expand in the region. The company’s goal is to add a branch in Virginia every year.

“We always want growth,” he says. “I hope it doubles.”

All My Sons Moving and Storage
Address: 703 Gum Rock Ct., Newport News, VA 23606
Contact: Jeremy Andrews
Phone: 804-709-3602

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