Amber L. Lempke Chief People Officer, ITA International, LLC

Point Blank

Amber Lempke

My favorite aspect of the holiday season is  slowing down and spending time with my family and friends, to be reflective before the new year starts and to find gratitude and joy in the gift of Christmas.

My best holiday memory is  eating homemade cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning around the tree and opening presents with my four siblings.

An important lesson that my parents taught me is  you keep showing up — everyone in life, even your closest people, will disappoint you and you will do the same — but love and forgiveness are stronger. Just keep showing up, no matter what.

Something I have learned as a professional doing what I do is that  what people look for in an organization where they work is the same no matter where you go. People want a work experience that feels fair, transparent and authentic and the opportunity to grow and add value to the mission.

My guilty pleasures ARE  popcorn, chardonnay and Netflix.

My best decision was  joining the U.S. Navy. I was afforded opportunities in life, service and leadership at a young age that I would not have had doing anything else, and that’s where I met my husband!

A cause that I passionately support is  anything that provides support and resources for underprivileged or neglected children. One of my most rewarding opportunities as a young adult was working as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) with Stop Child Abuse Now.

The world would be a better place if  we listened more, talked less and assumed positive intent more often than not.

The favorite part of my day is  tucking my children into bed each night.

If I could say just one thing to everyone reading this, I would say… the quality of your life depends upon the relationships you build — not your achievements, your bank account or your intellect — so invest in building quality relationships. Your generosity and how you make others feel will leave a legacy far outlasting your achievements or accumulations.

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