Amy Siler Debnam Waitress, Cockeyed Rooster, Smithfield

Point Blank

When people think of me, I hope that they think of kindness and respect.
I was always taught to treat others as I would want to be treated so I look at all of our customers like family.

Something most people don’t know about me is I am very sensitive.

My favorite part of spring is getting the yard pretty by planting flowers
and building flower beds.

A book I can always pick up and reread is anything by James Patterson.
I love murder mysteries and crime shows. My husband teases me when I am watching investigative TV, asking if I am taking notes to cover up a crime if I get out of line!

If I could go on a vacation to any place in the world, I would go to
Ireland to experience the beauty of that country. I would love to hear someone play bagpipes and see the lovely city of Belfast.

Working at a restaurant has taught me patience.

The person who makes me feel the most important is my loving husband
who always cheers me on, treats me with respect and helps around the house. He is my best friend.

If I could have an all-paid shopping spree at any store, it would be at
Home Depot. I would sure have the best looking yard ever!

My passion is coming up with neat ideas to make things for my family
and friends. I love to decorate.

The best gift I ever received was life. I am truly blessed each and every day to wake up and see another day. I try to live life to the fullest.

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