ATCS, PLC: A growing company with a focus on local

Left to right: Matt Woolsey, staff civil engineer; Kevin Siegel, vice president; Richard Barnes, civil design project manager; and Gary Thomas, survey manager, go over plans for an ATCS project. (photo by Cathy Welch)

ATCS’s name—A Total Consulting Service—focused on just that when it originally launched 23 years ago: providing all the engineering, design, construction and contracting work the private and public sector could ever need, all in one package.

Kevin Siegel, who started the Hampton Roads division of ATCS in August 2016, says in 2018 that focus is still very much there, along with a commitment to the community and a dedication to growing the company.

“It’s been an awesome year. We’re really well ahead of where we thought we’d be,” Siegel says.

The company was born in Northern Virginia and now has seven offices on the East Coast, including the one Siegel opened in City Center at Oyster Point in 2016.

Recruiting veterans of the industry, Siegel says, it was important to find employees who knew Hampton Roads backward and forward and who had established relationships with clients.

“A lot of the folks we work with—who helped me establish this office—have a long history of working here on the Virginia Peninsula,” Siegel says.

At ATCS, Siegel and his staff of 220 provide civil engineering, design, transportation planning, construction surveying, land development and traffic engineering services to clients across the country, from small residential and commercial developers to large city infrastructure projects.

Locally, ATCS has come on board to extend Patrick Henry Drive to the Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport. Siegel says construction on the road project will commence in the spring and wrap up in 2019.

ATCS’s federal clients include the Virginia Department of Transportation.

“Most of our federal work is tied to transportation,” he says, adding ATCS has a goal to—thanks to its positioning within the military-heavy Hampton Roads—eventually get involved in performing work for the Department of Defense.

Siegel says ATCS is also involved in Federal Emergency Management Agency work. When hurricanes hit Texas and Florida last fall, ATCS was called to help rebuild homes and infrastructure with FEMA.

ATCS’s work in Texas has led to the company eyeing a possible expansion to that state, Siegel says.

Back at home in the Hampton Roads office, Siegel says he hopes to grow his staff from 11 to 15 or 16 soon.

He says he was attracted to ATCS because of the company’s four pillars: clients, employees, company and the community.

“The coolest thing is the community piece of it,” he says, adding the company’s president, Young Ho Chang, wants employees to stay involved in the community.

Siegel says to honor this commitment, ATCS gives employees two paid days off to volunteer in the community.

Siegel, who grew up in Northern Virginia and moved to the Peninsula 12 years ago, says he always had an interest in the field.

When he was a boy, Siegel would draw roads with chalk and race his matchbox cars, always erasing and starting over.

“I love designing things and seeing them get built,” he says.

His favorite part of his job, he says, is showing off his completed projects to his children.

Contact: Kevin Siegel, vice president and office manager of the Hampton Roads office
Address: 690 Town Center Dr., Ste. 201,  Newport News, VA 23606
Phone: 757-504-2976

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