Bermuda and its hidden gems

Bermuda, located in the Atlantic Ocean on the same latitude as Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, and just 650 miles off the eastern seaboard, is a fantastic year-round destination. But I have to admit, the fall, winter and spring months are my favorite times to visit. Warmed by the waters of the Gulf Stream, the climate is subtropical. The temperatures in the late fall and winter are mild, while the warmest are found May to October. In fact, Bermuda’s winter temperatures of 62 to 70 degrees sound really good!

Bermuda was settled by fortuitous accident. The Sea Venture, bound for the struggling colony of Jamestown, Virginia (that’s right, another reason to love Bermuda is its ties to our local area), while under the command of Admiral Sir George Somers, wrecked there in 1609. The shipwrecked adventurers founded Bermuda. Eventually most of them pressed on to Virginia, but for Bermuda, it was the beginning of settlement.

The backdrop of a moonlit beach, the sounds of whistling tree frogs, the feeling of gentle breezes and the fragrant aromas of the oleander and jasmine is the ultimate setting for a true Bermuda experience. In fact, those reasons alone have caused many travelers to flock to Bermuda’s shores to experience the island’s special ambiance at all times of the year.

November through March is a good time of year to be on the links. Bermuda has more acreage dedicated to golf per square mile than anywhere else in the world. Lush fairways, seaside rough, gentle winds and spectacular views of turquoise waters will put your skills to the test.

North, south, east and west, Bermuda’s countless beaches of pink sugar sand stud the coastline. Many of the beaches, particularly on the South Shore, allow easy access to the reef line, making them ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling.

For a little more excitement, go off the beaten path and try the swimming spot at Blue Hole Park, more commonly known as Tom Moore’s Jungle, after the Irish poet who wrote some of his poetic verses under a famous calabash tree here in 1844. The entire reserve is spread across 12 acres of land area. The trails and many offshoot paths through the dense woodland area lead to different attractions within the reserve, including caves and grottos with great stalactite formations and natural pools. You can also do cliff jumping from several platforms in the park.

For art lovers, visit the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art. This wonderful museum is located in the middle of Bermuda’s Botanical Gardens. Outside as you stroll through the gardens, you are greeted by peacocks displaying their colorful feathers. The art museum houses some of Bermuda’s best local and foreign artists’ works. There are works by several internationally known artists, including Georgia O’Keefe as well as local artists representing Bermudian styles and subjects.

Even if you have previously visited Bermuda, there are always new adventures to discover, and, for me, every time I return, I feel as though I am returning to visit an old friend.

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