Carlos Ayala Manager, Salsa’s Mexican Grill

Point Blank

Carlos Ayala at Salsa’s Mexican Grill

Something that most people don’t know about operating a restaurant
in this community is  
it has been easy and fun because we have, most of the time, the same employees and they know what to do.

When I think about the perfect dining experience, three things that come to mind are  great food, great drinks, great atmosphere.

My most treasured memory is  having fun with my son playing football, basketball, riding a bike, fishing, etc.

Something I wish I knew 10 years ago is:  If I had known this restaurant, Salsa’s Mexican Grill, would become so successful, I should have done it a long time ago.

My favorite dish at Salsa’s is  Alambre Special and Pescado Azteca.

The best part of my job is  taking care of my employees, my staff and my customers.

If I were to teach a class on any one topic, my class would be about  business management.

If I had a 25th hour in the day, I would  sleep more — just joking — try to look for ways to bring in new customers.

My favorite weekend getaway place is  in the park or on the beach.

My favorite summertime fruits are  watermelon, cantaloupe and pineapple with lime and salt, and the best summertime dessert is  ice cream.

When you’re looking for something to do on a wonderful, warm summer afternoon in Newport News, try  Newport News Park because of the walking trails, fishing and biking pathways.

If cost didn’t matter, I would go to  Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

The secret to a happy life is  being around family and friends and enjoying every moment with them.

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