Carmines, Robbins & Company, PLC: Tuned in to staying on top of technology

Robert W. Carmines, MST, CFP, CPA, left, Dillon E. Revelle, CPA, and Athena M. Robbins, CFP, CPA of Carmines, Robbins & Company, PLC. (Photo by Denise Hilton)

When the majority of individuals begin thinking about the complicated world of accounting, taxes, payroll, audits and overall finances, heart rates begin to rise. However, the dedicated team at Carmines, Robbins & Company, PLC strives to make financial discussions less anxiety inducing by creating personalized solutions. The accounting firm assists both businesses and individuals and allows them to achieve their financial goals.

Rob Carmines co-founded the firm in 1994, alongside Athena Robbins. Since its founding, the entire team has been dedicated to keeping the practice current with the most cutting-edge technology. Both Robbins and Carmines attribute a portion of their success in the accounting industry to their willingness to test new equipment and being able to provide their clients with state-of-the-art service.

Partners Robbins and Carmines understand and appreciate the Newport News area as a result of their firm roots. From education to pursuing a career, both accountants were passionate about providing a service to the businesses and individuals where they both grew up. With two children attending the University of Virginia (UVA), Carmines underscores the importance of financial balance.

A passionate UVA alum, Carmines maintains strong connections to his university friends. Preserving these friendships contributes to Carmines’ love of travel across the globe. In addition to visiting fellow UVA alum, Carmines enjoys his time outside of the firm boating, playing tennis and being with his family.

Robbins also enjoys traveling as well as reading and going to beaches and the gym. “Everyone always thinks that accountants are constantly crunching impossible numbers, but in reality, I do more math in the gym,” Robbins says with a smile.

While Carmines always was interested in accounting, Robbins found herself drawn to the industry because of her close connections to individuals and her ability to provide specialized service for clients.

The accounting firm provides
personal financial plans for each
client and uses technology that allows them to connect with their clients through the Internet. As the modern age continues to allow individuals to become more interconnected, the firm believes it is crucial for their clients to have online access to all documentation on any electronic device at no additional cost.

“We are tuned in to staying on top of the most modern technology,” Carmines says. This dedication to provide the most accurate and technologically advanced accounting solutions is heavily represented. Carmines, Robbins & Company implemented the first website for accounting firms east of Richmond when the Internet was beginning to shape the way individuals do business. Since its first website, the firm has continued to follow the ever-changing patterns of technology, employing modern tools.

Carmines says the firm has designed its most popular services around the use of technology and electronic communications. An example of the top-notch technology used can be seen in their BOSS™ system. The BOSS™ system lets the firm become a resource, allowing businesses to focus on their craft while permitting the accounting firm to handle financial aspects of running a business, such as payroll and payroll tax returns, financial statements, W-2s and paying bills.

Carmines, Robbins & Company strives to provide personalized financial solutions to its clients’ fingertips through creative technology. With these unique long-term solutions for financial challenges, daunting conversations regarding the ins and outs of accounting and finances no longer cause business owners and individuals additional stress.

Carmines, Robbins, & Company PLC
Address: 11815 Rock Landing Dr., Newport News, VA 23606
Phone: 757-876-6829

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