Cinemark City Center 12: Let’s all go to the movies!

Bruce Farrier, general manager of Cinemark in City Center, ready to welcome movie-goers at the Guest Services counter. (Photo by Cathy Welch)

Say the word Cinemark and what do you think of? 

Whether it is a first date, a girls’ night out or a family day trip, a quality movie theater is a staple in entertainment. Take all the excitement of a movie on the big screen and add heated recliners, reserved seating and quality concessions, and you have Newport New’s Cinemark City Center 12. 

Located in the heart of City Center, Cinemark Theater prides itself on providing comfortability and entertainment to the Oyster Point community. 

Originally the movie theater in City Center operated under a different name; however, Cinemark, a Plano, Texas-based corporation, has been hoisting the theater to new heights since June 28 of last year. The Cinemark company is the third largest theater corporation in the United States, with 340 theaters and 4,579 screens in 41 states. The renowned theater extends its presence outside of United States borders. Cinemark is the geographically diverse corporation that operates heavily in Latin America with 201 theaters in 15 countries. 

Some may think that being owned by an internationally renowned corporation may restrict some of the charms of a local neighborhood theater, but general manager Bruce Farrier believes that cannot be further from the truth. After starting operation under Cinemark, the Newport News theater is able to offer more promotions, customer loyalty rewards, private events and a wider variety of concessions. 

Cinemark Theaters offer self-service kiosks when purchasing tickets, along with seating reservations so there is no longer stress about getting to the movies to find a good spot. The Cinemark Luxury Loungers also contribute to the relaxed atmosphere of Cinemark by providing theater guests with a comfortable experience. 

In addition, Cinemark offers guests to host private events, giving the neighborhood an added sense of attachment to the City Center theater. From private screenings, birthday parties and school events, it is possible to reserve an entire theater for your specific needs. 

“This prime location in City Center allows for a strong connection to the community,” Farrier says. Cinemark is surrounded by a variety of restaurants, shops, hotels and specialty services that contribute to the City Center atmosphere of luxury and comfort. 

This past December, City Center ran 25 Nights of Northern Lights in which Cinemark participated by running holiday movies during the matinee period of the first three Saturdays of December. 

Nick Vedda, marketing and promotion manager of Cinemark, says. “Bruce suggested to Cinemark the idea to get involved in 25 Nights of Northern Lights and we ran with it,” Farrier always seeks to introduce events, allowing the theater to connect with the community in ways that weren’t possible before.

Cinemark is proud of the ability
to promote localized Oyster Point specific events with the support of the Cinemark headquarters in Texas.

Farrier enjoys being an active part of
the community through his outreach with his local church. He is a dedicated family man and especially enjoys quality time with his five-year-old child. He is also a dedicated Eagles fan.

Taking advantage of the extras offered by this City Center theater makes movie-going a fun and exciting adventure. Cinemark—it’s the first word in movies! 

Cinemark City Center 12

Address: 11810 Fountain Way, Ste. J, Newport News, VA 23606

Phone: 757-525-9898

Contact: Bruce Farrier, general manager 


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