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Jeanne Fiocca, left, on the Hampton Roads Show with host Chelsey Khan.

By Kayla Brundick

Cookie Text, located in Yorktown, provides a fun and creative outlet for designing cookie cakes that are readily available and easy to create for any special occasion or event. Jeanne Fiocca, owner and founder of Cookie Text, works to provide value and creativity to the local community through her stylish and innovative business. 

Each morning, Fiocca begins at 5:30, prepping dough, baking and decorating. All orders are ready, packaged and out for delivery by 10 a.m. 

When asked what prompted her into the unique business of making cookies, Fiocca says, “I was baking birthday cakes for friends, which led to more favors — people loved the convenience and creativity within them so I started making more. Now I have been doing Cookie Text for 11 years.” 

Cookie Text offers seven different flavors and sizes, with options to add any design or message. “Whatever you say in a text message, we will put on a cookie cake,” says Fiocca. 

Cookie Text also offers balloons and party favors which can be added to any order, for any occasion. Although 8×8 chocolate chip cookie cakes with “Happy Birthday” are everybody’s favorite, there remains endless, creative possibilities just waiting to be baked and delivered to your family and friends. Whether a customer is in the mood for a traditional design or something funny like “Sorry I ran over you with a four-wheeler,” Cookie Text can design it. 

In addition to her business, Fiocca is mother of three sons, so she never runs out of activities or home responsibilities. “I love the freedom and flexibility of it. Cookie Text has allowed me to run a home business while still staying connected and available to my three boys — or to meet with promotional companies to help expand Cookie Text into something more,” Fiocca says. Though she simultaneously manages the well being of her family alongside her business, Fiocca still finds time for herself. She enjoys running as a member of the Peninsula Track Club a couple of times a week, as well as bike riding, learning to crochet, going to the beach and watching her sons play soccer. 

As with any business managing the stress of tight deadlines is challenging. Fiocca says, “Planning, planning, planning and doing as much as we can ahead of time is key.” By keeping a manageable and organized calendar in her industrial cookie kitchen and staying on top of all her orders, she maintains a flexible schedule while also making time for what’s most important to her; her family. 

On an average week, Fiocca, alongside her staff, bake and prepare approximately 75 orders, reaching nearly 300 orders weekly during the holidays. “Valentine’s Day is our biggest day of the year, so we often begin prepping in mid-January — it’s the only way we can stay on top of all of our orders,” Fiocca says.

Because Cookie Text plays an important role in her life, Jeanne wishes nothing more than for her kids to take away the valuable life lessons she has learned through Cookie Text, and why she created it in the first place. “One of the greatest side products of running Cookie Text is how my kids have learned how to be thoughtful, kind and compassionate toward others,” Fiocca says.

Fiocca wishes to not only expand Cookie Text into something greater in the future, but she also wishes to carry on the tradition of expressing kindness and compassion through her cookie cakes. 

Cookie Text
Address: 108 Pungo Turn, Yorktown, VA 23693
Phone: 757-725-6488
Contact: Jeanne Fiocca

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