CrossFit HUI: A home away from home

Felicia and Stan Atkins, owners of CrossFit HUI

CrossFit “encompasses all levels and all modalities of fitness,” says CrossFit HUI co-owner, Stan Atkins. 

Stan, who grew up in a military household and spent most of his life in Virginia, first started doing CrossFit in 2009. At the time it was a relatively new form of exercise.

Felicia, Stan’s wife and co-owner of the business, grew up in upstate New York. She enjoyed athletics in both high school and college, but ended up tearing her knee, requiring surgery. When Felicia met Stan, she embraced CrossFit as a new outlet for her athleticism. 

In 2013, Stan and Felicia opened their own CrossFit gym so they could maintain flexible schedules, allowing them to be more involved in their young children’s lives. Today, their daughter and son are 18 years old and their youngest son is 15. Over the years, CrossFit HUI has grown to include new equipment and a loyal customer base. 

One thing remains the same: Stan and Felicia’s commitment to family and community. 

“Everybody and anybody who walks through the door is going to feel welcomed, like part of the family. It’s their home away from home,” says Stan.

Being in a location near many military families, Stan and Felicia are used to new customers trying out different CrossFit gyms in the area. Stan says, “The biggest compliment that we get is when people come back and say, ‘You made us feel welcome, you made us feel like we’ve been here our whole lives.’”

At CrossFit HUI, people of all ages, genders and skill levels can find a routine that works for them. “All you have to do is walk through the door and we take care of the rest,” says Stan.

Although athletes work out in a group, each individual has a unique and specialized workout experience that reflects his or her level of ability. 

Felicia says, “One person could have an empty bar and another athlete could have 110 pounds on his or her bar. We’re all working at the same time, but at our own goal-oriented level. What’s really cool about the community is that no matter where you are, no matter what age, no matter what ability, we all are doing the same things together.” This flexibility enables anyone to participate. Adaptive athletes who have wheelchairs or prostheses can work alongside everyone else.

CrossFit HUI offers classes for younger people, with the opportunity to grow into more challenging programs. Felicia and Stan also work with many local sports clubs and teams. Felicia, a high school choral teacher for 11 years, wanted CrossFit HUI to be a place open to young people from around the community. 

The couple’s care extends beyond the workout room or “box.” A big part of their work is helping their members set and meet their goals. They are continually checking in and assessing an athlete’s progress along with providing wellness advice.

Felicia says, “We want our members to create a healthy lifestyle versus just a diet so they can continue doing this for the rest of their lives.”

Community support is at the top of the list of priorities for the Atkinses. During the pandemic, when equipment had to be rented to members and classes had to be hosted by Zoom, their dedicated members stuck by them. To foster a sense of connection within the CrossFit HUI community, Felicia and Stan host luaus where members from other classes come together and get to know each other. The Atkinses appreciate their members, many of whom made themselves available when
repairs were needed to the gym.

The other coaches are also an integral part of the CrossFit community. “We’ve been very fortunate to have amazing coaches who want to be here with us. They’re also family and supportive of our athletes and our goals,” says Felicia

Felicia and Stan embrace new members to the CrossFit HUI family. “Our doors are always open,” says Stan. 

CrossFit HUI
Address: 11836 Fishing Point Dr.,
Ste. 400-500, Newport News, VA 23606
Contact: Felicia and Stan Atkins, owners
Phone: 757-814-1143

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