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The team at DeStress Express

DeStress Express Massage and Spa is celebrating 25 years of helping the community find a path to health and wellness. Its doors opened in 1996, and the community has been coming to the one-of-a-kind massage therapy and spa ever since. 

“We have more than 25 therapists, two estheticians, one natural nail technician and an incredible front desk team who work here, says Lynn Graves, CEO, founder and a licensed massage therapist. “Donna Lynne is a licensed massage therapist and certified in craniosacral therapy. Chrissy Wood is also a licensed massage therapist and certified in manual lymph drainage. These are just two of the specialties that DeStress offers. We provide many forms of body work that contributes to a person’s well-being and recovery.”

Craniosacral Therapy is a light-touch approach that releases tensions in the central nervous system to allow other systems in the body to relax and self-correct; while lymphatic drainage relieves swelling after a medical treatment or illness blocks one’s lymphatic system and involves massaging. Both of these unique services set DeStress Express apart from other massage therapy businesses, as these services can be harder to find. Graves’ team is passionate about using these skills to help those who may be suffering.

Before becoming certified in craniosacral therapy, DeStress Express’ Donna Lynne worked in accounting and as a nanny to her grandchildren, until she was injured in a fall and an auto accident that shook her brain. Following these events, she discovered craniosacral therapy, and after having her own positive experiences with the technique, she now specializes in the therapeutic technique to help others find relief via the fully clothed therapy, which takes place on a massage table.

While Destress Express has unique specialties in lymph drainage and craniosacral therapy, it also provides a wide array of other services which customers can enjoy. “We also offer massages, facials, waxing and do natural nails. Under the heading of massage we provide relaxation, ashiatu deep tissue, sports, neuromuscular, prenatal, reflexology, pre and post op care and reiki,” Graves says. “I would recommend all people come to see us, including young children and the elderly. We feel we are centrally located for the area. We opened and continue to operate from the same business complex next to the center of Oyster Point. “

And when it comes to her favorite part of her job, Graves made it clear it all comes down to helping people and seeing them feel better. “The DeStress team and our wonderful clients are so rewarding for me. Seeing someone come in with a physical problem and walk out feeling incredibly better is so gratifying,” Graves says.

While the team strives to provide relief and relaxation to clients, everyday in their office is different as they strive to keep a soothing work environment for themselves, too. “Our favorite comment that we always hear is: ‘It must be so relaxing to work here.’ And it is a balancing act of caring and providing for all walks of life while not getting stressed yourself,” Graves says. “Most of my team have been with me more than 12 years. I strive to make our environment one that our folks feel proud to work in and feel some ownership.”

The DeStress Express team also puts their same energy back into the community by supporting local charities, including the One City Marathon. Giving back to the community and helping clients find relief from all kinds of symptoms has helped DeStress Express lead clients to feeling better and living healthier lives. 

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