DeStress Express Massage Therapy: Relationship-centered rejuvenators

Destress Express Massage Therapy owner, Lynn Graves, performs the art of Ashiatsu (deepfeet bar therapy) on a client. (Photo by Cathy Welch)

Life is overwhelming; spouses forget birthdays, children add migraines to busy days, chronic pain strikes at the most inconvenient times. No one is immune from craving a healing moment of rejuvenation in order to combat the trying moments life throws at them. Owner Lynn Graves and her team at DeStress Express Massage Therapy understand the stressors that come along with everyday life. The unique attitude and style of DeStress Express allows self care to become an integral part of a routine otherwise filled with commotion.

“I have always been a people pleaser, and I recognized the need for this service in Newport News,” Graves says while reflecting on her journey with DeStress Express.

After beginning a career in sales, Graves changed her course to serving the community, and in 1996, DeStress Express Massage Therapy opened, becoming the first spa of its kind in the Newport News area. Since opening, the team of massage therapists has become a family to one another, maintaining close relationships.

Through all the normal adversities of opening a business, the Newport News community supported DeStress Express and opened Graves’ eyes to the rich support system within her staff and clients. “You never realize how many supporters you have until you open your own business,” Graves says. The close bond between Graves and her staff is so prominent that Graves refers to her therapists and administrative staff as her “children” and “an extended family.” These terms of endearment reflect the unique experience and environment offered at DeStress.

Graves attended school in the Virginia Beach area but found her home in Newport News, where she started her career and family. Although Graves’ life is not centered around work, personal life and business find its way to blend together. Graves’ children and grandchildren often come to the spa for massages and the other services the business offers.

DeStress Express opened its doors with an emphasis on serving an unparalleled experience that continues today. The experience presents itself within contemporary services and the lasting relationships Graves and her team maintain with their clients. Many clients who come to the spa for physical healing receive an emotional restoration that influences their returning.

A welcoming energy surrounds clients, allowing them to feel comfortable and achieve the level of healing and rejuvenation they require. Although there is a certain level of intimacy in the relationships between massage therapists and clients, Graves enforces strict professional guidelines that allows an enjoyable experience for everyone.

“All of our therapists are trained on proper massage techniques, safety and how to monitor the comfort of the client,” Graves says. Open communication and maintaining professional boundaries between massage therapists and clients during all provided services establishes trust and relaxation, which Graves believes are catalysts for emotional and physical healing.

The multitude of services offered at DeStress Express include natural nail care, specialized massages, reflexology, waxing and facials. All services provided at DeStress are performed by experienced professionals, many of whom have been with the spa since its beginnings.

Although massage spas have become more popular around Newport News, Graves recognizes that each spa has its own niche, allowing each to best serve different clientele. DeStress prides itself on being at the forefront of the most modern healing techniques. Whether these therapists are providing specialized prenatal massages, sports massages or nail care, they are always administering the most up-to-date approaches to their craft.

DeStress Express Massage Therapy provides a safe environment that allows for the establishment of lasting relationships and quality services. This safe haven provides clients desiring a well deserved moment of rejuvenation a rest from their hectic lives.

DeStress Express Massage Therapy
Address: 11835 Canon Blvd., Ste. C108, Newport News, VA 23606
Phone: 757-873-8968

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