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Point Blank

My best advice for good posture is  to be mindful of the position of your body. Sit up and stand up straight, shoulders back.

When I was younger, I thought when I got older that I would  be a professional guitarist.

I hope that most people think I am  genuine, kind and caring.

My patients know that when it comes to the services my practice provides, they can always expect  that I will listen to them, treat them with respect and help them with their problems to have a better quality of life.

Something most people do not know about chiropractic health is  that it can help you age gracefully.

In Oyster Point, I especially enjoy dining at  Harriette’s Kitchen.

My favorite movie is  most anything with Clint Eastwood or Johnny Depp. The Lone Ranger made me laugh a lot.

My idea of fun includes  camping, hiking, fishing and exploring in the out-of-doors.

I would like to invent  a human transporter, like in Star Trek — beats driving or flying.

If I were invisible for a day, I would  see if I could get a suntan.

The accomplishment of which I am most proud is  my marriage.

If I had to live in another part of the country/world, I would live in  a warm place with lots of fish.

If I have a bad day, something I do to make it better is  find some peace.

The one trait I look for in other people is  sincerity.

When I come home from work, the first thing I do is  get hugs and kisses from my dogs.

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