Elite Services: Leading the community to a better tomorrow

Darius McCants

Elite Services, a mental health clinic, helps provide services for adults and children who struggle to manage the difficulties of everyday life. With a mission to provide therapeutic strategies and interventions that help support individuals with mental health diagnoses and behavioral concerns, Elite Services also explores ways to effectively maintain stability in an inclusive environment, enhancing their quality of life.

Darius McCants, owner of Elite Services, works around the clock to provide the best services possible to his clients through team collaboration with his director, clinical director and team of counselors. Generating daily tasks, conducting interviews, training staff and managing public marketing events, McCants remains passionate about helping and leading the community to a better tomorrow. “I love what I do because I get to help others achieve their individual, life goals which in turn, helps to provide them with a better life moving forward. Even when it’s hectic, I still enjoy it,” says McCants. 

McCants maintains a strong momentum toward the success of his business. “I selected Elite Services because I wanted to offer the best of the best, and I wanted to create something that was easy and universal,” says McCants. However, along with thousands of other businesses worldwide, Elite Services faced incredible challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“We definitely took a hit because we weren’t able to go into homes to provide our normal services. We faced many troubles with advertising and networking as we transitioned to telehealth appointments during that time,” says McCants. However, he emphasized that Elite Services has only come back stronger due to its momentum throughout the unpredictable season of the pandemic. 

With plans to expand, McCants’ desire to continue growing the business remain strong. “In addition to mental health skill-building and intensive in-home care, I also see us doing outpatient therapy, substance abuse and crisis stabilization in the future, linking all of our services under one roof,” McCants says. 

When asked if he could go back and give himself one piece of advice, McCants says, “I would tell myself to focus on learning the tax laws, as well as the ins and outs of maintaining business expenses. I believe having that knowledge would have better prepared me for owning my own business.” 

Promoting the business through local networking providers such as case managers, psychiatrists and educators, McCants expresses that he has seen his business grow substantially over the last several years. “I have more success now. I remember being happy with five clients, and now we are projected to have 30 clients by the end of the year. I have definitely exceeded my own expectations,” says McCants. 

McCants enjoys spending time with his wife and children, Marly and Royal. His daily pleasures when not working include outdoor grilling and reading self-development books. “Family life is definitely a priority. There is nothing more important than spending time with my family and getting my kids to school and practice on time,” says McCants. 

With dreams of being an entrepreneur and a passion for being self-sufficient and independent since he was five years old, McCants continues to strive for these goals. 

Elite Services
Address: 739 Thimble Shoals Blvd., Ste. 704, Newport News, VA 23606
Contact: Darius McCants, owner
Phone: 757-912-3043
Email: mccantsservices@gmail.com

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