Erin Hines: From melodies to medicine

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I have been doing this my whole life and I can’t remember not playing,” say Erin Hines.

Hines’ love of music has a lot to do with her upbringing; growing up with the influence of her mom, a cello instructor, had a large impact on Hines and her early interest in the instrument. From as young as age two, Hines was practicing cello in her mother’s studio along with students ranging in age from Pre-K through high school. In fact, Hines says that her mom still maintains that same passion for music through teaching orchestra students. 

When talking about her connection to playing music, Hines says, “As the years went on, it just became a part of me and I enjoy being a part of the cello groups that get together and play.” 

The huge role that music has played in Hines’ day-to-day life opens doors for fulfilling interactions, meaningful friendship and adventure — being a musician creates the ability to travel to different cities for new performances, including Hines’ experiences with several different symphonies and philharmonic groups. Hines says, “ I enjoy being able to make music with a lot of different people.”

Hines continues, “After college, I played in a number of orchestras, including the South Carolina Philharmonic, the West Virginia Symphony and the Roanoke Symphony.

Nowadays, Hines balances her passion for orchestra with her career in the medical field. When she’s not out playing gigs with the Jamestown String Quartet or directing ensembles alongside her mom, Hines works for Riverside Regional Medical Center. 

Having worked with neurology patients for the past three years as a nurse assistant, Hines finds great joy in helping others as well as getting to know patients and coworkers on a more personal level. As a medical professional, she aims to achieve the goal of shedding light onto what can be a difficult time in a patient’s life by “doing what [she] can to make the patient’s experience into something positive.”

Another influence on her decision to enter into the world of medicine is rooted in family. Hines noted that “[her] grandparents were getting to the age where they needed care,” which caused her to look into a care-centered career. While her family values proved to be a significant motivator, Hines also found herself wanting to “be in the type of job where [she] was serving and caring for people.” 

Coming from a musical background, working in medicine has been a completely different experience for Hines — and very fulfilling. She enjoys being able to make time for both passions. As for her future plans, Hines continues to pursue the growth of her knowledge in the medical field; she is currently enrolled in courses and deciding on her next path. 

When she has time outside of music and her full-time hospital position, Hines enjoys outdoor activities, including hiking.

Erin Hines, Nurse Assistant
Address: Riverside Regional Medical Center, 500 J. Clyde Morris Blvd., Newport News, VA 23601


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