Garrett Realty Partners: Positioning its people for success

Greg Garrett shares that the real estate business created a platform for him to do good in the world. He started Orphan Helpers 20 years ago in El Salvador and Honduras to help incarcerated kids who are former gang members. Here, he holds a picture of youngsters participating in his Success Academy. (Photo by Karen Eure Wilson)

The noted writer Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Happy will that house be in which the relationships are formed from character.” The noted realtor, Greg Garrett, and the leadership team of Collin McDowell, Lindsay Pennington and Adam Triplett, exemplify Emerson’s observation as they lead the Peninsula realty firm, Garrett Realty Partners.

Formerly known as Greg Garrett Realty, this rebranding embraces the strong legacy of its founder, expanding the spotlight from one person to the many talented people within its ranks.

“We dropped ‘Greg’ out of the name to clarify that it’s not all about me,” says Garrett, founder and CEO. “The Garrett name is still there because of the many people who have carried that name for so many years, doing wonderful things in the marketplace. That name means success, integrity, results — not because of me but because of the people who have worn that name for the last 30 years.”

Greg Garrett shares that the real estate business created a platform for him to do good in the world. He started Orphan Helpers 20 years ago in El Salvador and Honduras to help incarcerated kids who are former gang members. Here, he holds a picture of youngsters participating in his Success Academy.

As a seasoned visionary, Garrett recognizes that the key to maintaining continual dominance and unparalleled growth is in the innovation and energy that the younger generation possesses and in the power of shared success and extraordinary support for agents.

Five years ago, Garrett looked within his company for potential leaders who had energy, character and leadership to take the business to the next level. McDowell, Pennington and Triplett became the knockout combination tapped to break through the traditional real estate practices to create paths of far-reaching opportunities to help their agents meet their own levels of success.

“We are very focused on our agents’ individual successes, and we have a very strong support structure with people who are here daily to help push them to be their best,” says Pennington, managing broker. She is primarily focused on providing hands-on support to the agents. She strives to ensure these agents feel comfortable, supported and heard. “For me, success is to know that the work they’re doing is enhancing their family, their personal life and their goals, whether that’s selling six houses or 60 houses a year.”

Pennington is immediate past president of the 2018 Women’s Council of Realtors, Coastal Virginia; the 2019 Virginia Peninsula Association of Realtors (VPAR) “Realtor of the Year” and upcoming 2020 VPAR president. She is a second generation realtor who received her real estate license at age 19. She’s worked within the Garrett brand for 11 years and this is her 16th year as a licensed agent.

McDowell has also worked with Garrett for 11 years. Originally, he had no aspirations to be in real estate; however, a friend who happened to be Garrett’s son thought that real estate would be a good fit. It was and continues to be. About six years ago Garrett asked him to come into the leadership role. McDowell is now a vice president and partner.

Although he wears multiple hats, McDowell’s focus is more on helping with agents’ initiatives and systems installation so as the firm grows, employees can be added and new systems developed to create efficiencies to maintain customers. “Since we’ve grown so many agents, I work with agents individually to help them learn how to grow their business and what to do to keep their individual brand growing within our brand,” says McDowell.

He also conducts the sales meetings. He is a high performing top agent on the Peninsula and a writer for Forbes magazine. His articles help people in real estate around the country learn and grow through what is happening at Garrett Realty Partners.

Triplett, also a vice president and partner, has been with Garrett for 16 years. Getting his license at 19, he began as Garrett’s assistant. Today, he is the number one agent on the Peninsula with Garrett. As part of the leadership team, his focus is on production, helping sellers sell and buyers buy. He’s always accessible to clients and a true proponent of good time management.

Because he understands and appreciates the value of customer service, Triplett remains aware of the influence social media has on the business.
“Customer service has to be key because with online reviews, anybody can post anything. If you don’t give great customer service, you’re going to be irrelevant.”

Garrett Realty Partners is proud of its designation as one of only two real estate companies in Virginia to be V-3 Certified with the Department of Veterans Services for its recruitment and support of veterans.

“The opportunity that’s here is better than any other opportunity we’ve ever given to new people considering a new career change,” Garrett says. “Our training, support team and culture are better than ever before.”

McDowell believes that the success of the company past, now and future is predicated on the actual care, concern and support offered. He sees the leadership staff as an available shared knowledge base. “No matter who you are — your background or where you’re from — you can absolutely make it here, and we can support you in doing it.”

What makes this team work so well is the respect and friendship they share. McDowell, Pennington and Triplett attended Grafton High School together. “When I pull up to the office, it’s like walking into an extension of my living room, where the people you work with are very much a family,” Pennington says with a smile. “You know that while you may not always agree, you always know that person has your best interest at heart.”

Concerning today’s business, Garrett says, “Our success is a tribute to these young leaders who have really poured their life, time and effort into the people who are here. And, it’s not just these three; it’s also the rest of the support team. Here, we don’t chase the money — we chase taking care of people.”

Garrett Realty Partners
Address: 11864 Canon Blvd., Ste. 103, Newport News, VA 23606
Phone: 757-873-1002

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