Gary Hunter of Langley Federal Credit Union: “Why wouldn’t I want to help someone else?”

Gary Hunter, chairman of the Newport News School Board, at his seat in the Newport News Schools Administration Building auditorium (photo by Cathy Welch)

I live here. And I want to live in a place that’s fun, that has educated folks, that has people who will turn around and help someone else,” says Gary Hunter, of Langley Credit Federal Union (LFCU).

Hunter is on a mission to serve his community. At work, he helps people manage their finances. Outside of work, he is a champion for community service, dedicated to enriching the lives of his fellow Peninsula residents.

Hunter, 56, grew up in Chester, Pa., with his brother and two sisters. After completing several college courses during his senior year of high school, he transferred his credits to Hampton University, then known as Hampton Institute, which had offered him a scholarship. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in business management with a minor in marketing/finance.

After graduating, he received multiple job offers and landed at LFCU. He started off as a loan officer, assuming that his time there would be temporary. However, in short order, LFCU offered him an administrative management job, quadrupling his salary. He’s been there ever since and is now assistant vice president of corporate relations.

His current position affords him the chance to get to know new people, which he says is “right up my alley.” As he says, “I love what I do because I just love meeting people.”

Being amiable makes Hunter a great fit for corporate relations. He consistently dons a bright grin and exudes an energy that makes him instantly likable. He speaks about every aspect of life passionately, approaching even seemingly mundane topics with contagious enthusiasm. He is always approachable, easy to talk with and simply fun to be around.

Hunter is proud to be an ambassador for LFCU, an organization that has increased in popularity over the years. “We’re ranked as the number one credit union in the country,” he says. He attributes the company’s success to the quality of products and services offered, which he loves to tell people about. “When you’ve got a nice product, it’s fun to talk about it,” he says. LFCU’S mission to “help people save, borrow and spend wisely” resonates with Hunter’s desire to help people.

LFCU doles out hundreds of thousands of dollars in charitable giving every quarter. But, many of Hunter’s personal contributions happen outside of work. Hunter is an invaluable asset to the Newport News community and beyond, participating in an impressive array of community service efforts. His
involvement includes positions with the
Newport News Economic Development Authority/Industrial Development Authority, Newport News
Redevelop-ment and Housing Authority, and Cooper Elementary Magnet School–
YMCA. He also serves on the boards for Community Knights, VA Peninsula Foodbank, Project Search and Langley for Families Foundation. He is a member of Newport News Green Foundation and Hampton University President’s Advisory Council. In addition to all of that, he chairs the Newport News Public School Board.

Hunter believes that community involvement is part and parcel of living in an area. As a resident of Newport News, Hunter wants to make the city better through his direct participation. “That’s why I’m out there, on so many boards,” he says.

Hunter strongly believes that, no matter what the outlet for involvement, every resident should pitch in when possible. “That’s what really makes a healthy and safe community,” he says. “It doesn’t have to be on a board; it could be with a religious affiliation or coaching your son or daughter’s sports team. I call that ‘volunteering into the community.’” Hunter notes that this type of involvement is the key to helping people reconnect in the digital age. “The community is so different now. I do as much as I can to go out and meet people, to stop and talk with folks and get them away from their devices.”

Hunter lives in Newport News with his wife, who is a professional school counselor for Newport News Public Schools. His daughters, Lauren and Briana, are students at universities. Along with spending time with his family, Hunter’s idea of a perfect weekend includes three things: cooking, driving and working in the yard. He loves to experiment in the kitchen, his specialties being salmon and grits, spaghetti, home fries and grilled chicken. When he’s cruising around town in his sports car or trimming his bushes, he loves to listen to music. His diverse musical taste includes Maroon 5, Curtis Mayfield, Frank Sinatra and country music.

Hunter’s community involvement sets a shining example for all who call the Peninsula home. He believes that everyone should aspire to be a dependable and caring neighbor. When asked why he is so involved, he answers with a couple of good questions that everyone should regularly ask themselves: “Why wouldn’t I do it? Why wouldn’t I want to help someone else?”  

Gary Hunter, AVP corporate relations
Company: Langley Federal Credit Union
Address: 721 Lakefront Commons, Newport News, VA 23606
Phone: 757-825-7125

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  1. Congratulations Gary, you are an example in Newport News for helping many people and you always look like you are enjoying every minute. As a LFCU member it’s exciting to see the growth over the last 35 years.

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