GC Commercial: Construction for jobs both big and small

Adam Creekmur, president, right, and Eddie George, vice-president, review plans for a local construction project. (Photo by Cathy Welch)

We always wanted to take a shot at working for ourselves,” says Adam Creekmur, co-founder of GC Commercial. Creekmur and his partner, Eddie George, took the chance at working for themselves in February of 2011, and their business has been thriving ever since.

Creekmur discusses how both he and George were lifelong residents of Newport News. Because of this, founding a business in their hometown made perfect sense. While George had been working in construction his whole life, Creekmur joined the army straight out of high school. Afterwards, he entered the construction business for five years before teaming up with George to found the business of their dreams.

“Eddie has always been my mentor insofar as getting me into construction and showing me the ropes,” says Creekmur. “I run the day-to-day business operations and Eddie runs the field.” This arrangement is ideal for both owners, as George has the greater experience in construction while Creekmur thrives in the project management and business development field. Together, they have all the expertise required to operate a successful business.

Over the past eight years, GC Commercial has grown a strong customer base. “As we have built trust with our clients, our projects have gotten bigger,” says Creekmur. To both Creekmur and George, staying true to their quality work and keeping up relationships with their clients is the most important aspect of what they do. Although their eight-plus years of work in Newport News has opened large commercial opportunities, including health care jobs and even museums such as the Jamestown Settlement and American Revolution Museum, GC Commercial still loves working on smaller, more personal jobs as well.

As for services, GC Commercial offers construction management, project management, project estimates, metal stud framing, carpentry, drywall, drywall finishing, painting, doors, commercial doors and hardware. The partners can proudly say that they are a full-service company, capable of fulfilling most construction duties with their direct staff. Because of this, they can ensure that their customers are getting the best value for their dollar.

Looking long term, Creekmur notes that “While we are always looking to expand, we are also a very loyal company to our clients. We owe it to them to perfect the construction process for them.” He believes that it is important not to have a “one and done” relationship with clients, but to continue the relationship for as long as possible.

When he is not busy serving the Newport News community, Creekmur, his wife and three children enjoy the beach and feel that Newport News is the perfect place to grow both their business and their family.

GC Commercial
Address: 815 Blue Crab Rd., Ste. H, Newport News, VA 23606
Phone: 757-223-5190
Contact: Adam Creekmur
Website: www.gc-commercial.com

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