Hawaii Blue: Working to turn back time

Dana MacCorquodale, executive clinical director and health and lifestyle specialist with Hawaii Blue (photo by Kelli Caplan)

Everyone wants to look younger. Quickly. And painlessly.

That’s where Hawaii Blue comes into play. Since January, Hawaii Blue, which specializes in “luxury medical aesthetics,” has been providing men and women with options to roll back the age clock and to look fresher, firmer and more rejuvenated.

“People can look up to 10 years younger with the right treatment,” says Dana MacCorquodale, executive clinical director and health and lifestyle specialist.

Hawaii Blue, located on Thimble Shoals Boulevard, offers a variety of treatments, many of which are injectable solutions, including Botox, dermal fillers and liquid facelifts. The office also performs chemical peels, custom facials and the O-shot, which is a vaginal restoration solution. “People don’t want to go under the knife,” MacCorquodale says. “We can do really amazing things now with just the injectables.”

MacCorquodale, 45, says a key to the clinic’s success so far has been Kimberly Quinter, a physician’s assistant who performs all of the injections. She is experienced and incredibly good at what she does, MacCorquodale says. “She has a great artistic eye.”

Another service provided by Hawaii Blue is an injection that dissolves stubborn fat within several weeks.

“Even if you are close to your ideal weight, everyone has areas of fat that won’t go away,” says MacCorquodale, who herself has had Botox to soften her facial features. “Everyone has trouble spots.”

Most of the services have little to no down time and can be done in a short amount of time. A Botox treatment, which acts by freezing the muscles so they can’t cause wrinkles, takes about 10 minutes and lasts for about three months. Many of Hawaii Blue’s clients come in during their lunch breaks.

“People take very good care of themselves,” MacCorquodale says. “They want to do something to keep themselves from looking older. They don’t want to do anything too drastic. They want it to be subtle so no one knows they did anything.”

MacCorquodale opened Hawaii Blue with the help of Dr. Nader Baddar, who runs I & O Medical Center and In and Out Express Care. Eventually, she says, they would like to franchise the business.

A tri-athlete, MacCorquodale knows the value of staying healthy and the rush she feels when she is happy about her looks.

“This makes people feel better,” she says. “When people are more confident, they feel better. That’s what’s sexy: when someone feels confident and likes what they look like.”

The clients at Hawaii Blue run the gamut in age, MacCorquodale says. Many are Baby Boomers with a bit of disposable income. “We have the coolest group of patients,” she says.

Walking into Hawaii Blue is like walking into a Hawaiian beach house. It’s painted a subtle blue, with hip décor and a beach theme. MacCorquodale wants people to come in and feel at ease.

“We just want it to be relaxing and really soothing,” she says. “We want it to look like they are going to the beach.”

Hawaii Blue
Address: 704 Thimble Shoals Blvd., Ste. 200, Newport News, VA 23606
Contact: Dana MacCorquodale, executive clinical director
Phone: 757-240-5580
Business: Luxury medical aesthetics
Website: Hawaiibluemedicalaesthetics.com

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