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Partners (left to right), Leonard C, Heath, Jr., Joseph F. Verser, W. Hunter Old, Esq. and Shawn W. Overbey getting down to business in their City Center conference room. (Photo by Cathy Welch)

A complex world of legislation unknowingly surrounds the everyday lives of each American. Real estate, family, business, construction and practically every other section of society are impacted by laws that determine the legality of our individual actions and contractual agreements. The legal team of Heath, Overbey, Verser & Old, PLC understand the intricate ways that legislation impacts the world around us and offers legal representation for a wide variety of circumstances. 

Whether an individual seeks representation for business litigation, real estate litigation, injury defense, criminal defense, aviation law or family law, this dedicated team provides individualized case management that achieves results. 

“I love being in the courtroom,” Joe Verser, partner at the firm, says. “You go into court and know you are leaving there with a verdict for your client. You feel like you’re really making a significant difference.” 

A positive outcome for a client often takes innumerable hours of hard work and diligence outside of the courthouse. While standing in front of a judge and jury can be exciting for the client and the attorney, the attorneys at Heath, Overbey, Verser & Old agree that there is an equal sense of enthusiasm when assisting a client one-on-one. 

The team of lawyers works with their clients to ensure that every individual case receives the time and effort it requires. Leonard Heath, firm partner and current president of the Virginia State Bar, says, “I go into a courtroom knowing that there isn’t a single person who has prepared more for the case than I.” Heath views each case as an evolving, living, breathing creature. 

The law itself is constantly changing, along with the facts that are being uncovered with each case. These constant changes cause each member of this legal team to work tirelessly around their individual lives, families and community involvement. 

Heath works endlessly to maintain a manageable balance between work, family and his personal hobbies. He partially credits his successful career as an attorney to consciously striving to create a healthy balance between work and personal life. That balance will be easier to obtain for Heath, because his son, Jordan Heath, is preparing to join the practice. In addition to spending time with Jordan and his other two children, Heath enjoys traveling. Before becoming president of the Virginia State Bar, Heath and the rest of his family would use abundant free time to head down to Florida and vacation at Disney World. 

Similarly to Heath, Verser prevents his career from consuming spare time by spending it with his young family. Enjoying time on the water, as well as getting out to golf, Verser is able to relax and refocus himself in order to fully commit to cases for his clients. 

Both Heath and Verser maintain solid roots that connect them with the Oyster Point community. Born and raised in the area, the attorneys are able to evaluate the specifics of their cases through the lens of locality. Verser and Heath have practiced the majority of their law career within the Newport News area. Although not all lawyers who practice at Heath, Overbey, Verser & Old can boast being born and raised in Newport News, that does not limit their passion and connection to the clients they serve from the area. 

Each attorney who practices law with this firm creates individualized plans to achieve results for clients. The dedication and preparation each attorney devotes to his work allows the law practice of Heath, Verser, Overbey, & Old to maintain its track record of providing clients with positive outcomes. 

Heath, Overbey, Verser & Old, PC
Address: 11832 Rock Landing Dr., Ste. 201, Newport News VA 23606
Phone: 888-599-4090, 757-599-0734
Contacts: Leonard Heath and Joseph Verser, attorneys
Website: www.hovplc.com

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