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Looking for a fun and unique adventure that everyone in your family will enjoy? Or perhaps you are looking to get out and get away on a solo journey. Whatever the case, you will find all the fun and excitement you could hope for among the stunning natural beauty and wild corners not far from home when you choose an adventure travel weekend.

If it is your holiday, although active tours do have an itinerary to stick to, there are always opportunities to make the journey a little more adventurous for you. Why spend hours being concerned about every detail of your adventure when you can leave it to a professional guide who lives your style of travel?

Small groups allow you to feel as though you are exploring the destination independently. Your outdoor venture will be worry free. Your equipment will be waiting for you each day. There will be a small boutique hotel waiting at the end of the day and magically your luggage will be there when you get there! Spend the afternoon enjoying a refreshing drink and fill the evening with a relaxing intimate dinner.

Whether you want a private experience or to join a small, friendly group of like-minded explorers, an active small group tour can be just what you are looking for. Whether it’s biking, walking, hiking, kayaking or multi-adventure, an active getaway is available. And what great memories for a family with a learning experience they will always remember.

Bike riders, try a Carolina bike tour from outdoorsy Greenville to artsy Ashville. This long weekend trip is all about natural splendor, Southern Appalachian culture and some of the most glorious riding on the Eastern Seaboard. Enjoy bluegrass music while watching the sunset behind the mountains. There are several different levels and a range of mileage options for your ride daily. Each day you decide exactly what and how much you want to do.

And is there anything more beautiful than the mountains in the fall?

If walking and hiking are more your interest, head to the North Carolina’s Blue Ridge and Tennessee’s Smokies. Hike along pristine streams and rivers, amid natural beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Great Balsam Mountains and the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. Breathe in the mountain air, feel the mist of the waterfalls on your face and fall in love with the rolling valleys and majestic peaks of the Appalachian Mountains. Walks and hikes vary between 3 and 10 miles each day with plenty of time to explore the local boutiques and markets in each location.

We are wanderers and wayfarers, packers and partakers, explorers and adventure seekers, and most of all, we are dreamers. Throw on some sneakers or hiking boots, grab a bike helmet or a hat and get out there and see what comes your way! Contact your local travel professional to help you get your next adventure underway.

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