Integrity Staffing Services, Inc.: What’s in a name?

Mike Cosby

We’re not named Integrity for no reason,” says Mike Cosby, director of commercial services at the Peninsula office of Integrity Staffing Services, Inc. “We need to be keeping our reputation strong, and honesty and integrity are huge features [to us].”

Integrity Staffing was founded in Virginia Beach in 1995, with the goal of finding strategic solutions for staffing and recruiting. According to Cosby, the company prides itself on “delivering innovative and flexible staffing solutions that really help our clients fill key roles needed to optimize their possibilities.”

In 2012, the company moved across the water to the Newport News area. Its Peninsula office had been previously located on Mercury Boulevard in Hampton. “We’ve definitely been in this community for a long time. The Shipyard is [why] we started here,” Cosby says. “Once we moved from Mercury Boulevard, we wanted to move a little further up the Peninsula to get into our other segments as well.”

After graduating from Christopher Newport University in 2005, Cosby worked for a large transportation company in Richmond for about 15 years. When the pandemic hit in 2020, he decided to return to Hampton Roads. A coworker at Integrity Staffing contacted him and he began working there.

David and Shelley Hartley, the original owners, operated the company until 2021 when their son Kyle took the helm. Under his leadership, Integrity Staffing rebranded with a new logo, maintaining their original values of honesty and honest work.

“Our mission has changed a little bit,” Cosby says. “In 2022, technology is huge, so we’re combining technology with human insight — the customer service part of being a human being.” 

Cosby explains that the best way for Integrity Staffing to find jobs for workers is to identify each worker with a certain job category. “We interview everyone who comes through our door to find out what’s important to that person so we can find the best possible position and fit,” he says. 

The primary industries on which Integrity Staffing focuses in terms of its staffing and recruiting include ship repair, heavy and light industrial work, warehouse work, hospitality and recently, the healthcare industry. Working with local municipalities is a major part of Integrity Staffing’s business as well. Cosby’s own work includes “basically anything that doesn’t fall under the ship repair umbrella.”

“The last few weeks and months have been the most productive for us,” Cosby says. Currently, each industry seems to be needing workers at the same rate. “If you watch the news, it’s very apparent,” he says, reflecting on current job shortages across the country, people looking for work and employers looking for employees.

Cosby speaks to the company’s trusted rapport with the clients they match to jobs. “It does mean a lot, from a relationship standpoint, that we can go to our clients and have open and honest conversations.”

Cosby’s prudent advice for job seekers, from a staffing perspective, is to explain what they are looking for in a potential job in order to ensure it’s the right fit for both parties.

When he is not working, Cosby is an avid outdoorsman and sports enthusiast. He and his wife have been married for 15 years and have two daughters, 11 and 7. 

Integrity Staffing Services, Inc.
Address: Peninsula location: 11835 Canon Blvd., Newport News, VA
Contact: Mike Cosby
Phone: 757-826-3066 ext. 7201

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