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Point Blank

Attorney Chip Goldstein visiting Israel

Something most people don’t realize about going to court is  rules apply on basketball courts, and they apply in courts of law. If the outcome is important, then you probably need an experienced attorney.

One of my favorite local nonprofits is  the Housing Development Corporation of Hampton Roads, ending homelessness on the Peninsula in a dignified way, with a sustainable nonprofit business model.

When I am not working, I often want to be  at work, and when I am at work I often want to leave! I fought the law and the law won.

If I were not a practicing attorney, I would choose to be  a writer of brilliant fiction everyone loved to read.

My favorite artwork is  a well written novel.

If I could do anything at all I would  radiate peaceful compassion to reduce everyone’s suffering.

A book that I always enjoy rereading is  almost anything by Kurt Vonnegut.

A motto that I try to live by is  live in the moment and be alert.

An important lesson I learned as a business owner is  the right time to get the work done is “now.”

If I could go anywhere in the world right now, I would choose  to take my wife anywhere she wants to go.

I wholeheartedly believe  we control little or nothing in this world except, maybe, our minds. No one controls the results of their actions or efforts.

A secret to a happy life is  releasing expectations and knowing “now” is the best moment ever, so far.

The best legal advice I can offer to anyone is  CYA: Call Your Attorney. If you’re worried about anything related to the law or money. Get reliable answers, stop worrying, and focus your attention where it belongs.

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