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Point Blank

Jennifer Mills with husband, Erik Mills

When it comes to DIY, the first rules are  the experience is worth more than the project, and it is okay to get messy!

An art piece I have personally made that means the most to me is  the very first AR Workshop sign that I created with my sister, Megan Waters, at the flagship location in Charlotte, North Carolina. This was the catalyst to our journey into business ownership. The sign elicits feelings from that day, including anxiousness, fear and excitement. I’m so thankful to have started this journey with my sister and business partner.

I got into woodworking because  after 10 years as a stay-at-home mom, I wanted to have an identity separate from my kids. My goal was and is to be a role model for my children, to create a community of DIY’ers and to empower customers to create unique pieces of art.

Something I have learned from my children is  to step outside of my comfort zone. As an introvert with extroverted children, I want to support their passions even when I’d rather be home under a cozy blanket.

My favorite place to lunch in Newport News is  Indulge Bakery and Bistro!

The secret to happiness is  to surround yourself with positive people.

My idea of fun includes  getting away to somewhere near the water with friends and family where I can turn off my phone to rest and refresh.

If I could make up three rules that everyone on Earth had to abide by, the rules would be  be kind to customer service workers, pick up after yourself and know the difference between there, their, and they’re.

The three ingredients to a relaxing evening are  chips, guac and queso!

What I love most about Newport News is  its unique landscape and sense of community! We frequent local sports games and the shops and restaurants of Hilton Village, as well as the museums and the Noland trail.

This I know for sure:  Life is short — take the trip, eat the cake, get the tattoo!

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